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more than what your dad got in his bank account

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How much is rolex 62523d?

How much does a Ladies Rolex 62523d cost

How much is a rolex watch 62523h18?

rolex 62523h18

How much does the most expensive new rolex watch cost?

Rolex Masterpiece

How can you tell how much your rolex worth?

your receipt

How much is a rolex r1628 worth?


How much for a 16k silver Rolex?

There is no such thing as a 16k silver rolex, rolex ony uses stainess steel, gold, and platinum. Therefore it is a poor copy. $20 at the most

How much is a rolex explorer worth?

Rolex inc is estimated net worth $200.58 Billion not to bad for a watch company...

How much is a rolex submariner cost?

13,000 new

How much would a platinum Rolex cost?


How much is a Rolex geneve quartz worth?

How much is a Japan Rolex lighter worth?


Real men's Rolex watches?

Rolex is a luxury item that carries great status much in the same way a pricey automobile or designer handbag does. Rolex doesn't go on sale and is not discounted at major retailers. Rolex watches are expensive by most anyone's standards. A Rolex at a "good price" is like fake.

How do you tell a real Rolex from a fake?

To the best of my knowledge( and its not much) a real Rolex has a "sweep movement" where the 2nd and moves smoothly as opposed to a fake Rolex that may have a "quartz" movement-the 2nd had pauses briefly

How much does the most expensive Rolex cost?

£80,000.00 ($159,807.93)

How much is rolex model number 78350?

78350 is a bracelet

How much is a simple rolex watch?

$7,375.00. Basic ones.

How much is a 80315 rolex?

Selling in Germany for 18,500 Euro

Where are rolex watches made?

The Rolex manufactory is in Bienne, Switzerland. The Rolex headquarters are in Geneva.

How much is a ladies oyster-quartz Rolex worth?


How much is a 18k rolex watch r1628 worth?

Around $23,000

How much does a new rolex submarine cost 116613 ln?


How much does a Rolex watch weighs?

It depends on the particular model of the watch.

Does Timex have a similar mechanical structure as the high end companies such as Rolex?

No. Rolex watches are much better constructed. The casing, the movements are much better made. Due to the materials and workmanship, Rolex watches actually appreciate over time, while Timex watches will break and end up in the trash. Both will tell time, but Rolex watches will last longer.

How much is the most expensive rolex watch?

The most expensive non-diamond Rolex is the men's Oyster Perpetual Day-Date in Platinum. It sells for $60,000. The most expensive diamond Rolex is the Daytona "Masterpiece" which sells for $1m USD

How much is a 6 month old rolex watch gmt 2 worth?

$3,000 one time i was in las Vegas at ceasars palace i seen a rolex it was $5,595