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Firstly, value depends on a number of things; a) General condition of the revolver, b) Where you are in the world, local rarity can increase values as can local gun control laws (conversely decrease the value) In Australia, Webley Mk VI average from 450 AUD for an average condition through to 1200AUD for an excellent example. Bear in mind that a .455 Webley is strictly regulated in Australia and is limited to collectors and others who can obtain a restricted hand gun license in Australia, an average sports shooter cannot. Thus values can fluctuate, average cost would be around 500 AUD.

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What is the value of a webley mark 2 revolver serial number 43383?

The value of the Webley Mark 2 revolver with a serial number of 43383 varies with the condition of the pistol. This gun sells for about 450 dollars to about 1000 dollars depending on the condition.

How much does the webley mark v revolver cost?

100-1000 USD or so depending on EXACTLY what you have.

How much does the webley mark vi revolver cost?

If the gun is complete and functional, $300.00 to $800.00 depending on the condition.

How much is a Webley mark III air rifle worth?

50-200 USD

How old is the webley mark 1 serial number 260?

Webley Mark 1 pistol (original. There are several variations) 1924-31. Webley Mark 1 New model 1935-64 Webley Mark 1 Rifle 1926-29

How much is a webley mark revolver ser302639?

A detailed description of all markings, condition, finish, barrel length, caliber, box, accessories, etc., is need to answer the question.

How old is your webley and Scott service mark 2 serial number s2364?

More information would be helpful -ie, revolver, automatic or flare pistol, and what bore ?

What is the value of a 38 caliber Webley revolver war finish serial 86255 in mint condition?

According to the "Blue Book of Gun Values", a Webley mark IV .38 in 100% condition is worth $450, in 95% condition, $350. It was made and issued to the British military during WWII, and is still used today by police in some countries.

You want to purchase a mark 4 webley Scott 32 bore new revolver How you can get with price?

Try the Blue book of gun values for a general ball park figure

Colt 357 mark III revolver nickel plate worth?

A Colt .357 Mark III nickel plated revolver is worth between $500 and $750. The actual value varies greatly based on the gun's overall condition.

How do you date a Webley and Scott mark 1 air pistol?

Features and markings. ------- corrected answer------------ The Webley and Scott Mark 1 was made between 1926 and 1929 Approx 1500 were mfg

How much is a Webley and Scott mark 1 air pistal worth?

Without more information about the condition of the pistol, it is not possible to give you an estimate of value.

What is the value of a 1917 Webley mark v in 45 cal?


What is the value of a webley mark v in 455?

100-1000 USD

Price of webley Scott revolver mark IV 32 caliber?

The Mark IV was not made in .32 caliber. It was in caliber .38-200 (the 38 S&W). Value is $200 and up, depending on condition. A SIMILAR revolver is made by IOF in India in caliber .32 S&W Long, and sells new (in India) for about $1,300 USD (no competing companies).

How much is a webley and Scott mark 1 air pistol worth?

50-100 USD Another Answer: Depending on the condition I've seen them sell for over $3000

How much is your webley and Scott 22 mark 3 air rifle worth?

To get an estimate of value you will have to state the condition of the rifle and give the SN#. There are 5 different series of this rifle.

Where can you buy a hammer for a webley mark VI pistol?

Try Numrich gun parts

What is the value of a webley Scott mark 1 air pistol 1924 very good condition that works?

The Webley Scott Mark 1 was made from 1924 to 1935. It was made in several variations. The first two variations are so rare that a price can not be established. However the third variation in very good condition is worth around $325. However yours may be worth much more. My best Guess is $475 + , But That is only my opinion.

How much is a webley mark 1 air pistol worth with and without box?

The Bigger question is "What condition is the pistol in." The Box adds some value, but without knowing the condition of the pistol, it is not possible to answer you.

What is a sentinel mark iv 22 Magnum worth?

The High Standard Sentinel mark IV is a 9 shot blue or nickel plated revolver with wooden grips that was made by High Standard Inc. It came in a 2 and 4 inch barrel length. This revolver in good condition may be worth from 175 to 275 US dollars.

What has the author Mark Stamps written?

Mark Stamps has written: '.380 Enfield no. 2 revolver' -- subject(s): Enfield revolver, History, Revolvers

What is the value of a 1918 webley mark v1 in 455 cal?

785 us dollars and the pistol is a very nice weapon

How much is a webley and Scott mark 2 starter pistol worth?

Obviously depends on condition. £45 upwards. Does yours have both .32 and .22 magazines. I am an athletics starter and need a Mk2 to start school/children's events.

What year and worth is your 44 cal black powder revolver it has pn XX8 on it and 20660 and the navy arms trade mark symbol?

1989; 20-250 usd

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