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To clear up any confusion, the term is mint mark, not mint date, and ALL U.S. coins carry the motto E Pluribus Unum so that's not an identifying inscription.

Your coin is properly called a Morgan dollar after its designer. There's a full set of values at many sites - a good one is

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How much is a 1886 Liberty silver dollar in mint condition worth?

The only silver dollars minted by the US in 1886 were the Morgan Dollars. A 1886 Morgan Dollar in a mint state of AU50 is worth $ 30.00. If the condition is MS63, the value increases to: $50.00.

How much is 1886 silver dollar worth?

It would depend on condition and mint mark if you wanted to know what the collectors value would be. I can tell you this. Just the silver in that dollar alone is worth $27.06 as of July 5, 2011.

What is the value of an 1886 O silver dollar?

In condition order: 25,35,115,750

What is value 1886 Morgan silver dollar?

It is worth at least $25 for the silver. If the condition is better than average, it would be worth more. The very best examples sell for about $150-175

What is the value of a 1886 silver dollar?

Assuming this is a MORGAN SILVER DOLLAR in circulating condition and no mint mark ,the value is approximately $38.00.

How much is a 1886 Morgan silver-dollar MS64 worth?

850,548,841,000,548,514,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 not

1886-p Morgan silver dollar choice uncirculated worth?

List for this coin in MS-63 is $50.00.

What is the value of a 1886 silver dollar mint condition?

1886 is a common date with values for MS-60 to MS-63 coins at $30.00-$40.00

How rare is a 1886 silver certificate one dollar?

A martha washington silver certificate dollar bill is currently worth approx (In decent shape) 5-750.00

Does an 1886 coin have the Statue of Liberty on it?

Assuming you are referring to an 1886 Morgan Silver dollar the answer is no. But their is a 1986 Statue of Liberty Centennial silver dollar.

What is the value of an 1886-O Morgan dollar?

The value of the Silver Morgan Dollar greatly depends on it's condition. The "O" mintmark means the coin was minted in New Orleans. According to USA Coin Book, the value in good condition is about $20 and for MS60 mint condition, it is worth about $685. In MS65 brilliant uncirculated condition, this coin is worth in excess of $205,000.

What is a 1886 silver coin worth?

The following list is for retail values of circulated US silver coins dated 1886:Dime $16.00-$80.00Quarter $300.00-$750.00Half Dollar $350.00-$800.00Dollar $22.00-$30.00

1886 silver dollar how much is it worth?

1886 is a common date Morgan dollar. Assuming the coin is circulated and has no mintmark retail values are $17.00-$26.00 depending on the actual grade of the coin.

What is the value of a 1886 Carson City silver dollar?

No Carson City dollar coins were struck in 1886 -- you have a counterfeit.

How do you value the Morgan 1886 0 silver dollar?

Value of any coin is determined by grade, mintmark, date, condition and demand.

What is the worth of 1886 liberty silver dollar?

Assuming the coin is circulated and has no mintmark, the 1886 Morgan (Not Liberty)dollar is common. The retail values are $30.00-$39.00 depending on condition. Values are a market average and only for coins in collectible condition, coins that are bent, corroded, scratched, used as jewelery or have been cleaned have far less value if any to a collector or dealer.

What is a 1886 US penny worth?

1886 Indian Head Penny: In good condition is worth $2.50, in very fine condition is worth $38.00, uncirculated is worth $125.00, proof is worth $175.00.

How much is a 1886 liberty head silver dollar with o on the reverse side worth?

Assuming the coin is circulated, retail values are $30.00-$45.00 for average circulated coins. The 1886-O Morgan dollar is a very common coin.

What is the value of 1886 silver dollar coin?

The 1886 Morgan Dollar is very common. The values for average circulated coins are $38.00 to $44.00 retail

How much is a US Mint set 1886-1986 with a silver dollar and half dollar worth?

US mint sets were not made till 1936. Check the dates again.

1886 Silver Dollar no mint labeled?

The 1886 Morgan is common and valued at $17.00-$26.00 in circulated grades.

How much silver is in a 1886 Morgan silver dollar?

All Morgans have the same amount of silver it's .77344oz of pure silver

7.6mm 1886 silver dollar how much is it worth?

Genuine 1886 dollars are 38.1 mm in diameter. Your "coin" is less than half the diameter of a dime, so it could not have been struck with anywhere near $1 worth of silver back in 1886. It's a pretty solid bet that you have a privately-made miniature replica. Without knowing what metal it's made of, it's not possible to assign a value, but in general there's not a major secondary market for these pieces. If it turns out to be silver it's at least worth its melt value, which would be a dollar or two.

How much is a 1886 knife worth?

a 1886 knife is worth allot only if it's good condition and clean and has some kind of marking on it to say it was made in 1886.

What is the value of a 1886-1986 commemorative liberty silver dollar?

The Statue of Liberty Centennial silver dollar (KM#214) is worth about $13.50, regardless of mint-mark, assuming it has been kept in pristine condition. It is 90% silver, has 0.7736 troy ounces ASW ("Actual Silver Weight"), 38.1mm in diameter, and had a mintage of 723,635 in Philadelphia and 6,414,638 (proof condition) in San Francisco. (Note that silver is about $14.30 per troy ounce as of 11/29/07, so the "melt value" of the silver in the coin is about $11.06.)