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In Washington, you can file for an interstate unemployment claim if you use to work in Washington and was fired or laid off and now live another state. Even though you moved out of state, you will still be paid unemployment benefits through Washington.

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There is not a "value" as such in an Interstate Unemployment Claim. It is merely the formality of your filing a claim in your state for benefits you earned, in the base period, for work done in other states. Your state will then assemble the information and help you collect your combined benefits.

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Q: How much is an interstate unemployment claim in Washington state?
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Can you file for an interstate unemployment claim in the state of Arkansas?

Generally, if you were fired as a result of your own wrong doing (the fault was yours), then no. However, if you felt it was unjustified you can always appeal the employment agency's decision.

Can you draw unemployment benefit and Social Security in Indiana?

Yes. You can receive unemployment benefits from whatever 'liable state' you worked in. You can apply directly to that state or through the one you live in, known as Interstate claim, who will then transfer your claim to the right state.

What are Washington's major highways?

Three Interstate Highways transect Washington State. These include Interstate 82, Interstate 90, and Interstate 5. Interstate 90 crosses the entire state at a length of 297.52 miles.

How much is unemployment pay in Washington state?

The Washington State unemployment rate was at 7% as of April 2013. The unemployment rate of Washington, D.C. was at 8.5% during the same month and year.

Can you continue to collect unemployment in Washington state if you need surgery?

Yes, your claim would merely become inactive and you can reactivate it anytime in the benefit year following when you filed the claim.

What is the website address to apply for unemployment online?

Unemployment has to be filed to the state unemployment office. If you are living in California, you need to file a claim "". Search for your state using a search engile like for State Unemployment Claim and fill the form online for your state.

If you live in Indiana but work in Illinois where do you claim unemployment?

You file for unemployment in the "liable state". In this case, you work in Iowa, the "liable state", but because of the interstate unemployment compensation laws, you can file in a state other than the "liable" one and they will work with the other state to help you.

How much is interstate unemployment in Texas?

Interstate unemployment is merely the agreement between the "liable state" ( the one owing the benefits because the worker worked in that state) and the "agent state" where the worker is now. The agent state, apparently Texas in this case, will assist the unemployed worker receive his benefits from the other state.

If you work in Tennessee but live in Mississippi can you draw unemployment?

If you live in MS but worked in TN, you will file your claim for unemployment insurance against the state where your wages were reported. Contact your Human Resources or Payroll department. They should be able to tell you if the employer paid unemployment taxes to MS on your behalf or only to TN. TN takes unemployment claims by telephone or over the Internet, from out of state residents.

If you live in one state and work in another state which state does an employer pay unemployment taxes to?

The employer pays its unemployment taxes to the state the employer is located in. You might file your claim with the state you live in, but your state would then process the claim through the "liable state".

Can you apply for unemployment benefits in Washington State before your last day of employment to get the process started quicker?

No, you may however file a claim on the last day of employment.

If you live in Massachusetts and your employer is in Texas what state do you file unemployment with?

I found it… I worked in another state. How do I file for Unemployment Insurance benefits?If you worked solely in another State you will need to file your claim against that State. Some states allow you to file your claim by phone or Internet, while others require you to visit an office in person.