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how much is for an 4gb xbox in California

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How much money is a Xbox 360?

xbox 360 250gb- $299 xbox 360 4gb- $199 xbox 360 4gb with kinect- $299 old xbox 360 (refurbished)- around $120 in gamestop

How much does an Xbox 360 cost in UK?

The 4GB Xbox 360 costs £145.00 according to Amazon in the UK.

How much money does xbox 360 cost?

These are the prices in Canada. Best Buy: Xbox 360 4GB Console = $199.99 Xbox 360 250GB Console = $299.99 Future Shop: Xbox 360 4GB Consol =$199.99 Xbox 360 250GB Kinect Bundle = $399.99 Hope this helps :D

How much does an xbox 360 costs?

The price will vary to what package you want. Around $195 for just the Xbox 360 4GB slim.

How much money does the xbox 360 console cost?

According to Gamestop's website it's $199.99, That's a 4gb Xbox 360.

Does the xbox 360 4gb have a hardrive?

yes it does have a harddrive

How many games can a 4gb xbox have?

The 4GB XBOX 360 holds only a couple of games. 1 or 2, I would say.

Do you need a 250gb xbox 360 to play modern warfare 3?

You need an Xbox 360 to Play Xbox 360 games. The 4GB will work is you have room or you can make room, although why Xbox 360 still makes a 4GB is dumb when many Digital Cameras can have a larger memory cards.

How much more money is the ps3 than the xbox 360?

$100 dollars more... xbox 360 4gb- $199 ps3- $299 but you could also buy the xbox 360 250gb that's $299 dollars

Is xbox 360 4gb better than xbox 360 250gb?

yes its it means it could hold more space

Is the 4gb xbox 360 good?

The 4gb Xbox 360 is ok if you dont play much games or go live. 4GB of data will not be enough to hold updates, saved games and addons. If you want to install a game onto your hard drive, the game itself will be more than 1 - 2GB.

How much does xbox 360 4gb cost?

it costs £149.99. it is in the argos book. and the kinect is about 250 - 270 pounds

Does xbox 360 slim 4GB have built in wi-fi?

yes so does the xbox 360 slim 250GB. and kinect

Is 4gb on a xbox 360 enough?

Typically when using an Xbox 360, alot of extra content or dlc is purchased to enhance the gaming experience and memory is needed for that but if you were to only have save files 4gb should be plenty.

What is the difference between Xbox 360 4gb and Xbox 360 250gb?

There is not really a big difference between the two the only difference is the 250GB has a way bigger memory than the 4GB and the 250GB is worth the money

What is the price of a xbox 360 Kinect in UK?

4GB Xbox 360 with Kinect is around £200 and 250GB Xbox 360 with Kinect is around £270. At this minute, there are many offers on where you can get the Xbox 360 with Kinect and several games for a cheap price.

Can you play Halo 3 in the xbox 4GB slim?

You can play halo 3 on any xbox 360.

Can you play a 8GB DVD in your 4GB xbox 360?

The 4GB in your XBOX 360 SLIM refers to how much space your hard disk has. The DVD you want to play that is 8GB is on the DVD and can be played by the XBOX as long as it stays on that DVD. If you were to try to copy that DVD onto the XBOX, you would not be able to because you only have 4GB's of space.. precisely the reason why i didn't buy the 4GB but got the 250GB. That 4GB will go so fast, you'll keep asking yourself why you didn't get the other one... :/

Does the xbox 360 slim come with headset?

the 250gb does and i think the 4gb doesn't

How do xbox 360 4GB S wifi works?

The Xbox 360 utilizes a built in wireless N adapter that transmits wireless data between the Xbox and your wireless router.

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