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You need a garage keepers liability policy which will include coverage for the motorcycles in your possession, liability while testing them, liability for the premesis and your work, etc.

If you have employees you will also need work comp insurance.

If you are just starting this business up, I would estimate 1% of your total gross reciepts as insurance costs, with a minimum of $2,000 annually.

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What is the average cost for general liability insurance for a auto repair shop?

55 dollars

What is class code 10073 for general liability insurance?

10073-0-Automobile Repair or Service Shops

What is class code 92451 for general liability insurance?

92451-0-Electrical Apparatus Installation, Servicing & Repair

What sort of liability insurance does one need for a sole-proprietor HVAC Repair business?

(CGL) Commercial General LiabilityThe type of insurance you need is called "Commercial General Liability" also sometimes referred to as "Contractors Liability Insurance" As an Sole Proprietor providing a repair service you are considered to be engaged in a commercial activity. This type of repair usually comes as a service or repair contract, hence the contractor referenceGood luckAnswerA local Insurance Broker is the best way to find business insurance. They are not a captive agent like Farmers, State Farm and Allstate. They have the ability to shop the market to get you the best rate.

What is class code 94381 for general liability insurance?

94381-0-Fire Suppression Systems -installation, servicing or repair

What is the average cost for liability insurance for an appliance repair business?

I just got a quote in Nebraska for 250 yr for general plus 500 yr for commercial excess liability.

Where can one find cheap liability insurance for a hvac repair business?

An insurance broker or agent licensed in your state can help you find liability insurance for your HVAC Company.

If a car is left with a garage for repair and is crashed by garage employee can garage use general disclaimer of liability clause to escape liability?

Absolutely not. General liability disclaimer does not cover negligence.

What is the definition of general liability classification code 99613?

Antenna repair, installation, maintenence.

Does comprehensive insurance cover you if your motorcycle is picked up because of a faulty throttle cable but while in the care of the repair shop someone damages the motor?

The repair shop's insurance should cover this claim.

Where is Chancel Insurance located?

Chancel Repair Liabilty insurance is a liability for some people that own property in England and Wales. Chancel Insurance is located in England, where it is very commonly known.

What is class code 91585 for general liability insurance?

Class code 91585 is contractors - subcontracted work - in connection with building construction, reconstruction, repair or erection - buildings. There are also several sub codes under this.

What does liability insurance cover?

The term "Liability" means anything you are libal for. The best way to put it is the liability section of an insurance policy covers other people's bodies and stuff, in the event you harm either of those things. The medical and car repair bills for anyone else involved in an accident you caused

What insurance do you need for an auto repair business?

Garage Keepers LiabilityThe type of coverage you need is a "Garage Keepers Liability" Insurance Policy. This Commercial Lines Policy is the appropriate insurance coverage for an Auto Repair Business and is widely available through most commercial underwriters.Just contact a local agent that offers commercial insurance in your area.Auto repair businessIt's important to make certain your policy covers: Products/Completed Operations Insurance for all completed work you perform on vehicles.Personal and Advertising Injury Insurance - In case you slander another firm in your advertising.Medical Expenses Insurance - In case a patron is injured on your premises.These coverages are all usually provided through a Commercial General Liability Insurance Policy.Best of luck with your businesses. Remember to compare quotes so you get the best prices and the best plan to meet your needs.

If you only have liability insurance and someone hits your car and leaves should your insurance cover the damages done to your car?

No. Physical Damage coverage to your own vehicle would be covered in this instance if you purchased the coverage, but liability only would not repair the damages.

What is garage liability insuracne?

That is the type of insurance policy that a car dealer or repair shop would carry. Covers their business risks.

What is the General Liability code for an interior painting contractor?

The General Liability code for an interior painting contractor is 98305. This applies to any interior repair work such as painting, wall papering, and the installation of other wall coverings.

Are auto warranty companies exempt from carrying general liability insurance coverage?

No - they are not exempt - there really is no requirement for General Liability insurance such as there is in some states for auto insurance. To my knowledge there are no general laws that require any company to carry General Liability insurance. There may be local or state laws that require proof of insurance to access privileges, such as being licensed to conduct business in a town or state. Many entities require proof of coverage such as customers, lienholders, mortgagees, licensing entities (city, state, business, professional licenses), and many more. I do not believe there is a blanket "law" or requirement that applies to all business entities. In practical fact, it is the stakeholders in and around any business that "require" insurance to make the risk of doing business with the entity one that is somewhat controlled. Auto warranty companies may be only selling a promise to provide a service through another entity - the dealer or repair shop - and therefor try to advise an unhappy customer that they don't need insurance, i.e. go see the entity that was to provide the maintenance/repair. That does not mean the warranty company does not have insurance; most probably they carry both General Liability and Professional Liability. It is most likely they carry a VERY high deductible and REINSURE the rest and are probably part of a Risk Retention Group which further reinsures the exposure.

Will insurance pay for cracked windshield?

Does filing a windshield repair claim effect the my rates? Most insurance companies view windshield repair as preventive maintenance. If a chip is left unrepaired, it likely will crack out and lead to a costly windshield replacement. Most insurance companies waive deductibles for windshield repair. Windshield repair saves policyholders and insurance companies millions of dollars annually. However, we can't speak for every insurance company. How do I know if I will be covered for the repair? I will be able to tell you within minutes if you have the necessary coverage for windshield repair. On occasion, the insurance company will not be able to immediately verify coverage. As a general rule, a vehicle under 8 years of age is a safe bet. If you have more than liability insurance, coverage will usually pay for the repair. What insurance companies do you work with? We add new companies every day. We work with insurance's of all shapes and sizes. We only know of a handful of companies that choose not to waive deductibles on windshield repair. Will checking on my deductible or inquiring about windshield repair raise my insurance rates? Asking your insurance provider about your policy coverage and deductibles is generally not considered a claim. Will filing a windshield repair claim count towards my insurance policy? In many cases, insurance companies will not count windshield damage as a claim on your policy. What if I only have liability coverage? Because liability insurance only provides coverage for damages to another vehicle,windshield repair services are not covered under your liability policy. We offer multiple payment options including cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Will all insurance companies waive my deductible if my windshield is repaired rather than replaced? Many insurance companies cover windshield repair at 100 percent coverage with no deductible. We will be happy to help you with your questions regarding insurance coverage. Do I need to contact my agent or insurance company? We're experts at verifying coverage, filing the claim and handling all the paperwork. , We'll contact your insurance company and submit the claim on your behalf.

How does no fault auto insurance work if you hit a parked car?

No Fault insurance ONLY deals with medical injuries to you if you are driving. No Fault has nothing to do with property damage liability. If you hit a parked car, then your Property Damage Liability coverage would pay to repair the parked car and your own Collision coverage (if you have's optional) would pay to repair your car.

I have liability insurance my car was totaled what am i to do with the car?

Repair it make a planter out of it sell it for scrap Without collision insurance you are out of luck unless the accident was the other guys fault, in which case his insurance will pay you for the value of your car and collect the remains.

What makes a motorcycle totaled?

When a vehicle covered by insurance gets wrecked, the insurance company looks at how much it will cost to repair. If repairing the bike costs more than it is worth, then the insurance company declares it totaled and pays for a replacement.

What does collision coverage What does collision coverage?

In automobile insurance, collision coverage provides for repairing a vehicle when it is damaged due to the fault of the insured. Liability insurance provides for cost of repair of the OTHER vehicle if you damaged it.

If you get into an accident and you dont agree with thE insurance company what happens?

what do you disagree with? amount of repair or total? liability decision? there are many different avenues dependant upon what the disagreement is about.

Were can I find car repair insurance online?

The website has a listing of auto repair insurance carriers. Also, it explains the purpose of the insurance and a guide to tell whether or not you need it.