How much is health insurance in US?

Health Insurance Premiums depend on your age, height/weight, health history, pre-existing conditions, and medications that you are taking. Some companies have more lenient underwriting practices than others. Based on average information and assuming that you are generally pretty healthy, don't smoke, and are within normal height and weight measurements, here are some of the average prices you could find:
Typical Health Insurance Premiums
Singles: Age 18-30 $60-$140 / mo
Singles: Age 31-45 $85-$220/ mo
Couples: Age 18-30 $115-$220/ mo
Couples: Age 31-45 $150-$350/ mo
Families:Age 45+ $225-$550/ mo
***These rates are based on averages. Your rate could be different depending on the underwriting practices of the insurance company. ***