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How much is professional tax in India?

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how much percentage of professional tax India on employee salary?From company:

For registration 4500 to 5000 (One time)

Company have to pay 2500 (yearly)

Each director have to pay 2500 (Yearly)

From Employee.

Above Rs10000 ---- Rs100 (Monthly)

Above Rs15000 ---- Rs150 (Monthly)

Above Rs20000 ---- Rs200 (Monthly)

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Is it best to hire a tax professional when filing long form tax return for the first time?

I would hire a tax professional, if you aren't that good with taxes. A tax professional would be a great resource to use, because they try to get as much money for you as possible back.

How much does a McFlurry at mcdonald cost in India?

small - Rs49 + tax large - Rs69 + tax

Assam professional tax rates?

assam professional tax slab

Is Professional Tax Applicable in Meghalaya?

Yes. Professional Tax is applicable in Meghalaya.

What is the meaning of professional tax?

Professional tax is charged by respective Municipal Corporations and most of the States in India charge this tax. The maximum tax payable per annum is Rs.2,400/- and according to your salary, there are fixed slabs. This tax is paid by every employee working in Private organizations. The tax is deducted by the Employer every month and remitted to the Municipal Corporation and it is mandatory like income tax. You get income tax exemption for this contribution.

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What is cheque name for Professional Tax payment in ASSAM?

Sbi a/c professional tax

What is cheque name for Professional Tax payment in maharashtra?

SBI A/c Professional Tax

How much income tax you have to pay in India in the year 2012-2013?

some much

What are some professional income tax preparation software?

There are a number of different types of professional income tax preparation software. Some examples of professional income tax software include ATX, Drake Tax Software, and WorldWideWeb Tax.

Professional tax slab rates of Andhra pradesh?

professional tax slab of Andhra Pradesh

Does an Indian professional need form 16 in US?

No. Form 16 is only for income tax in India. For US it is a different document.

How to Learn the Benefits of Professional Tax Preparation Software?

While you cannot buy professional tax preparation software unless you are a certified tax preparer, you can still learn how much it can help those in the industry. Anyone training to be a tax preparation professional will probably want to know how to use this software if it is going to be used at the company they would like to work for.

Professional tax applicability in gurgaon-delhi?

Professional tax is not applicable in Delhi. Tax on professions is included in the State List and therefore only the State Governments have the right to tax under this head. There are various which have imposed professional tax. In Delhi too, the MCD had proposed to levy professional tax but the proposition was rejected by the MCD Standing Committee.

What is slab for professional tax in mp?

what is the professional tax in west Bengal for the financila year 2010-2011

Is there any new slab of professional tax in madurai tamilnadu 2013?

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Where to enter professional tax in ITR-1?

the professional tax is not to be intered in ITR-1 only net income from salary (After deductiong Professional Tax) to be entered in Item No.1 as it will be enclosed by the Form No.16 isssued by the employer mentioning the Professional Tax Amount and will be a sufficient disclosure

What in the world is Pitbull tax software?

Pitbull tax software is tax prep software that is mainly used by those in the professional tax industry. It provides support for those involved in professional tax preparation.

What is the due date of filing professional tax return in gujarat?

For businesses the professional tax return due date is the 15th of each month. The due date for payment of the professional tax is September 30th.

What is the top professional tax software program?

The best professional tax software is This is one of the professional software that I used to go into any of the tax office such as Jackson Hewitt and H&R Block.

What is the highest paying job for tax professional?

Being a tax inspector is the highest paying job for a tax professional. In the United States, as of 2013, the average annual salary of a tax inspector is $40,000.

What is the Professional Tax Slab in Bangalore?

professional tax slab in Bangalore 10000 to14999 is 150 and 15000 and above is 200

What is the professional tax slab for 2011-12 in mp?

what is the professional tax slab in mp f.y. 2012-13