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How much memory does AVG antivirus take up on your computer?


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Memory on your computer varries on the antivirus software and how many programs you being scanned.

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You can spend approx $51.95 for 1 year to buy computer virus removal software or antivirus software like Optimo AV, or you can try some of the free antivirus products out there, like AVG and Malwarebytes. There are good anti-spyware programs too, some of which are free. If you can't even turn on your computer though, you might need to take it in to a professional.

It is important for a good majority of people to buy high-functioning antivirus scanner software for their computers. A person may wonder what actually constitutes good antivirus software. There are some things to take note of when you are trying to purchase the right antivirus scanner software for your computer. Any antivirus scanner software program that you purchase should be totally easy to use. If you don’t know how to use the antivirus computer program, or it’s complicated to learn how to operate it, then it is best to find another program. Your antivirus scanner software program should check your computer for viruses at least once, if not twice per day. You really don’t want any undetected viruses to harm your computer, and this can happen if the antivirus program doesn’t scan your computer quite often. Good antivirus scanner software should update itself very frequently. The more frequently the antivirus program updates, the better the chance is that it will catch harmful viruses before they do some damage to your computer. You do not want to purchase an antivirus scanner program that slows down your computer way too much. If you notice that the speed of your computer is extremely impaired after installing the antivirus program, then it is time to find a new program for your computer. If the antivirus scanner software makes your computer totally crash or lock up, then you will also need to find a new program for your particular computer. The antivirus scanner program that you do choose should be pretty low cost. Fully operational antivirus software should not run you hundreds of dollars. Some companies may require that you pay an annual fee in order to keep using their antivirus scanner software. Although it can be typical for companies to charge an annual software fee, not all companies do this. Some software companies allow you to pay one upfront fee for the use of their antivirus program. The amount of money that you should spend for a good program depends on what exact antivirus program you are looking to purchase.

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I'll take a scan first in my new computer then install some antivirus and games. Then I'll connect it to the internet and make a research.

Yes, an anti-virus program doesn't fuse the internet cable with your computer.

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