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what is the highest 10 mg methadone can you take in a day

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That will depend on your physicians recommendation. They can figure out your weight, your regular usage of opiates and start a particular dose and go from there. Most start at around 80mgs and raise/lower with close monitoring from your Dr. They like to see how you do in a 24 hr period and then level out your dose.

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Q: How much methadone can you take a day?
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How much methadone should you take when took 60 mg hydrocodone a day?

none you shuoldnt take any opiate with methadone.

Can you take methadone one day and the next day take vicoden?

NO! it will make you terribly SICK.

When is the best time of day to take Methadone?

When I used to take methadone, I was set up with "split dosing" at the clinic; because the methadone always wore off late in the afternoon. I believe the best time to take it is in the morning and then take more later in the day if needed.

Can you take methadone while detoxing from suboxone?

Do NOT take Methadone more than three days in a row and not more than 10mg a day.

Is it okay to take zantac if you are on methadone?

Yes it is , but talk to your doctor. Im on 75mg of methadone and i take 2mg xanax pills twice a day.

Is it safe to take a 10mg methadone and a 10mg vicodin in the same day?

If 10mg methadone is an ok dose for you, then go for it my friend (:

How long does methadone keep you well during the day?

Methadone, if taken as prescribed by your physician, should keep you well throughout the day until it is time to take it again the following day.

How long does it take for methadone get out your system?

methadone is usually taken once a day and remains in your system for 24 hours, it might take a higher dose and/or a few days on it, but it will last the entire day. that is what it is made for.

Can you take Viagra and methadone?

can you take Viagra and also take methadone

How many ml do you have to take liquid methadone per day?

I take what would amount to 30mg

What bipolar medicine to take with methadone?

Depends on how much methadone you take. If it's alot your kinda screw or take lithium, if it's not klonopin and lithium are wonderful for bipolar.

Is sleeping during the day a side effect of too much methadone?

Yes, if drowsiness occurs after taking methadone, it is usually a sign that you are taking too much.

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