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How much methadone can you take a day?

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what is the highest 10 mg methadone can you take in a day

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That will depend on your physicians recommendation. They can figure out your weight, your regular usage of opiates and start a particular dose and go from there. Most start at around 80mgs and raise/lower with close monitoring from your Dr. They like to see how you do in a 24 hr period and then level out your dose.

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How much methadone should you take when took 60 mg hydrocodone a day?

none you shuoldnt take any opiate with methadone.

When is the best time of day to take Methadone?

When I used to take methadone, I was set up with "split dosing" at the clinic; because the methadone always wore off late in the afternoon. I believe the best time to take it is in the morning and then take more later in the day if needed.

Can you take methadone one day and the next day take vicoden?

NO! it will make you terribly SICK.

Can you take methadone while detoxing from suboxone?

Do NOT take Methadone more than three days in a row and not more than 10mg a day.

Is it okay to take zantac if you are on methadone?

Yes it is , but talk to your doctor. Im on 75mg of methadone and i take 2mg xanax pills twice a day.

Is it safe to take a 10mg methadone and a 10mg vicodin in the same day?

If 10mg methadone is an ok dose for you, then go for it my friend (:

How long does methadone keep you well during the day?

Methadone, if taken as prescribed by your physician, should keep you well throughout the day until it is time to take it again the following day.

How long does it take for methadone get out your system?

methadone is usually taken once a day and remains in your system for 24 hours, it might take a higher dose and/or a few days on it, but it will last the entire day. that is what it is made for.

Can you take Viagra and methadone?

can you take Viagra and also take methadone

What bipolar medicine to take with methadone?

Depends on how much methadone you take. If it's alot your kinda screw or take lithium, if it's not klonopin and lithium are wonderful for bipolar.

How many ml do you have to take liquid methadone per day?

I take what would amount to 30mg

Is sleeping during the day a side effect of too much methadone?

Yes, if drowsiness occurs after taking methadone, it is usually a sign that you are taking too much.

Is methadone safe to use to stop addiction of oxycodone?

Yes. Methadone is very effective in its treatment of opiate addiction and makes it more manageable. Methadone helps you function more and lasts much longer than oxycodone so you only have to take one dose a day to feel fine. It is important that you are under a doctors supervision when using methadone and that you do not start off taking too much. It is very dangerous when you take your first doses of methadone because it is so strong. And just because you have tolerance for oxycodone does not mean you will have tolerance for methadone.

How do you detox off a small dose of methadone?

If you have only taken a small dose and you do not frequently take methadone, you shouldn't go through a detox at all. People who detox off methadone take it every day for an extended period.

What meds can you take and not take while on methadone?

what antidepressants wile on methadone can i take

I take methadone 2 times a day and had a urine drug test and it is not in my system how is this possible?

impossible, the methadone should have shown up on the test.

Can you take methadone after taking suboxone?

can you take methadone after taking swuboxone

If you are on methadone what can you take for anxiey?

Don't take methadone in combination with Valium as this will increase the effects of methadone and can lead to an overdose.

How long does it take to feel high from methadone?

Methadone should not be taken in order to feel euphoria. Getting high on methadone means that you are taking too much and could be dangerous.

Can you take suboxone one day and take methadone the next day?

Not a good idea, You should make sure the suboxone is out of your system before taking the methadone. Combining these two medications could cause major sickness and withdrawals.

How long before you can take methadone after suboxone?

You can take methadone after suboxone but do not take suboxone after methadone. If you have any opiates in your system and take suboxone, you will go into withdrawal......

Can you take suboxone after taking one dose of methadone?

Only if at least three days have elapsed. You can, however, take Subutex (Suboxone without naloxone) after a full day off methadone.

Will methadone make you die?

if you take to much yes. Kicking methadone will make you wish you were dead. It is harder to kick than herion.

Can you be on methadone treatment one day and switch to suboxone the next day?

Depends on how much methadone your talking about. One has to be down to 30mgs and off 72 hours before making the switch.

Can you feel morphine if you take methadone regularly?

Im only speaking from experience, depending on how much methadone you take regularly, you should wait 48-72 hours before taking morphine after taking your last dose of methadone