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How much money does a CEO earn?

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September 13, 2010 12:40PM

Well, the answer to your question varies dramaticaly with geographical location, industry the CEO is in, size of the organization, revenues, profit margins, role and responsibility, prior experience, educational qualifications and a host of other areas.

To answer your question using an example, Lets say a Chief Executive Officer with 15 years of experience at New York City, NY. The company is NYSE listed and has an annual revenue of $65,000,000 per year. It is in the Legal Services Industry. The company has 150 employees. The CEO is a Law Graduate and and MBA, both from Ivy League Schools.

Now, the CEO will get a cash component, Bonuses, Gratuity, comissions, overtime, profit sharing and lots of benefits. Some of the typical CEO benefits are

- 4 weeks paid vacation.

- Medical/Dental Plans

- Paid Sick Leave

- 401(k)

- Life Insurance

- KnR Insurance

- Key Man Insurance

- Liability Insurance

- 3 Company Cars

- Use of the Corporate Jet

- Gym Membership

Gross Cash to him is $2,488,000 per annum + benefits.