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Zoologic veterinarians tend to be board certified, so they usually earn over US$100,000 per year.

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Q: How much money does a Zoo Veterinarian earn?
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How much money does a veterinarian earn at Zoo Atlanta?

This data isn't published, but a rough estimate would be about US$100,000.

How much does a head zoo veterinarian earn yearly?


How much money does a zoo veterinarian earn weekly?

A rough estimate would be ~$1000 per week, although this is likely to vary widely.

On average how much might a wildlife veterinarian earn per year?

It is said that the average salary for a Wildlife or Zoo Veterinarian is $49,910 to $145,230 per year. This type of job is a dream job for many in the veterinarian field.

How much money does a zoo veterinarian make a year that specialises in marmoset monkeys? dollars

How much money does a zoo keeper earn a month?

Approximately Rs.12,000/ month

How much do you earn working at the zoo?

That depends on what you do. If you're a exotic animal veterinarian, you probably make a lot more than the guy who sells sno-cones.

How do you earn a star on tap zoo?

You cannot earn stars on tap zoo. You need to buy them through the app by paying real money.

How much would a veterinarian make that works at the zoo?


Why people keep animals in zoo and parks?

Because they earn money for them

What is commocs?

it is what the author refers to as money in ZOO.

How much does a zoo keeper earn?

About AUD$90,000 a year depending on their job in the zoo.

What do you call a zoo veterinarian?

A vet at the zoo is known as a veterinarian. They are trained to care for more exotic animals. Zoologists also aid in caring for animals at a zoo.

How much does a zoo keeper earn in England?


How much do you earn at the Nashville zoo?

The Nashville Zoo does list their salaries or hourly wages online. You would have to call the human resources at the zoo and ask how much they pay workers.

How much does a zoo worker earn a year?

0.01 cent

How much does a zoo nursery attendant earn in a year?


How much money does a Zoo net yearly?

There is no limit to how much money a zoo can net yearly. This is a constantly changing net income.

How much does a zoo keeper earn a day?

£21 pounds sadly

How do you get bells on tap zoo santa?

You have to buy them for real money or you can earn them by clicking on the bell icon.

How much money does a zoo worker make?

a zoo worker gets $45 i guest

How much do equines earn yearly?

This depends on the business, eg a racehorse, a zebra at a zoo, etc. Often taking care of an equine costs more money than the animal brings in.

How much money did We Bought a Zoo gross worldwide?

We Bought a Zoo grossed $118,924,550 worldwide.

How much money will you get if you build a zoo?

me vale varghese

How much does a zoo cost?

lots and lots of money