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The exact income a chiropractor makes depends on what type of practice they have, how many patients they see, and the location of there practice. Below are a few different sources that provide a general idea of the expected income of a chiropractor.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the US Department of Labor in 2010 (see related links for source of this info):

The mean annual income for an American chiropractor was $79,820

25% of American chiropractors earned less than $47,930

25% of American chiropractors earned more than $95,870

50% of American chiropractors earned less than $67,200

According to a 2008 peer-reviewed research study in Canada:

The average gross annual income of chiropractors in the study sample was $144,254.


Mior SA, Waalen J. Personal and practice predictors associated with the income of Ontario chiropractors. J Manipulative Physiol Ther, 2008;31(4):277-84

According to a survey study done by Chiropractic Economics in 2008 for all North American Chiropractors (see related links for source of this info):

• North American Chiropractors collected $280,000 on average in 2007

• Net practice income was $107,500 on average in 2007 (Net practice income is the dollar amount remaining after all taxes and expenses have been paid).

• Total DC compensation was $100,000 in 2007.

For unincorporated DCs, total compensation is earnings after tax-deductible expenses but before income taxes. For DCs in a professional corporation, it is the sum of salary, bonuses, and retirement/profit-sharing contributions made on their behalf.

According to a 2004 peer-reviewed research study of primarily US chiropractors:

- 56% made less than $99,999 per year

- 24% earned between $100,000 and $149,999 per year

- 20% netted more than $150,000 per year


McDonald WP, Durkin KF, Pfefer M. How Chiropractors Think and Practice:

The Survey of North American Chiropractors. Semin Integr Med 2:92-98.9

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