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  • According to Salary List, the average is about $106K, ranging from $800-$40K also.
  • According to the American Dental Association, the average general dentist made 185,000 in 2004, the average dental specialist made 315,000. The average hygienist made 62000 in 2004. So in reality dentist make about 3 times what hygienists make. [I am a practicing dentist with 20 years experience. These numbers are the most accurate that I have seen posted]
  • Dentists make about twice that of a dental hygienist. I am going to college right now for dental hygiene in mass and i know i can expect to leave school with a starting salary of about 30-35 an hour. that averages out to be 63,700 a year. So dentists average about 130,000 dollars a year or even more. It depends what type of dentistry they are involved in. Also, some get compensated through commission.
  • I am a practicing dentist. I made $410,000 last year and will improve on that slightly this year. I do some pro bono work, but not as much as I could. That will increase as my net worth does. My salary is certainly on the higher end of the bell curve. I have an associate dentist working for me and he is just finishing his first year in practice. He'll make approximately $145,000 this year. So, experience and stage of practice makes a big difference. The more indispensable you are, the more you're worth to society (pro sports, Hollywood, etc. being exceptions to that rule obviously).
  • 130,000 +/-
  • Whoever is asking this question is definitely on the right track. My wife is a dental assistant and I have been around many of her employers over the years and they all have one thing in common, their filthy rich. Dentistry is a very good field to go into and you are guaranteed much, much, money. It does take 8 years of college though, so get started now.
  • For many dentists in private practice, it's between $70,000 and $120,000 per year, take home. Note that managed care is not cutting into dentist's salaries as quickly as it is in other professions, like doctors.
  • I have been practicing family and cosmetic dentistry for five year and netted $960,000 last year. This year I will easy make over a million. However, I work very hard, have a large and talented staff and am very talented. Very few can accomplish this income.
  • Ask someone at the reference desk of your local public library for the Occupational Outlook Handbook. It lists all kinds of information you would need to know,(including the salary) of just about any occupation you can think of.
  • I have a friend who is a dentist and has been asking me to consider taking that route as well. He says pay ranges are around 120k-160k.
  • It really depends on experience and where you are going to be practicing.... it could ran from $70,00-120,000.
  • Dentists can make well over 400,000 a year, depends on what procedures they do.
  • To answer the original question dentists generally start around 135K and can work their way up to around 450K in private practice. That being said some teach or do research and earn less, while others join large group practices or specialize and earn more.
  • It also depends on where the dentist has his or her practice. A dentist in Utah (which is saturated with dentists) will make significantly less than a dentist in another state. A dentist in Alaska will make significantly more than anywhere else, in general.
  • The average Australian dentist earns $90,000 per year. Give or take some for location, competition and experience. It depends on a lot of factors. Where you practice: in a big city, or in a rural area. Which State you practice in: Utah is flooded with dentists, so Dentists there do not make nearly as much as Dentists in most other states. However, Dentists in Alaska can make over a million dollars per year. How many other Dentists are in the area: the more Dentists, the less patients. How long you've been building clientele: Dentists are like hair dressers. It can take years to build up clients. Whether you own your own practice, are an Associate Dentist, or work for a big company that owns practices around the country (in any of these cases, the more experience you have, the more you will make). Dentists can choose how many days they work, and if they work more they will make more.
  • Usually, Dentists don't make as much just out of school (unless they are taking over their fathers practice or something). It can take years, but you can make anywhere from 80,000 (if you are a military dentist) to 200,000 (or more) within a few years of working. Specialists make a lot more (but they have more schooling) And as I mentioned earlier, Dentists in Alaska make a LOT of money. My husband is a Dental Student, and so we know a LOT about this.
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Q: How much money does a dentist earn?
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a lot, top dentist earn up to 120,000

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$12,000 pound's

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dentist make in one year about 200k a year a lot of money.

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in nz its 500k a year

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The average is 550 an hour

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The average amount of money a dentist earns in Oman is about $106K and ranging about $800-$40K.

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ALOT seriously most of them are rich

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Answerit actually depends on the location and how professional they are. If they are a pro., then they will get a lot of costumers and they will earn a whole lot of money $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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a general practitioner makes about $156,750 a year.

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On average the dentist makes $138K a year so you need to divide this by 12 and you will get per month.

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Nothing so if you are a dentist and are thinking of working in the Philippines than don't because you will get paid nothing.

How much do a dentist earn?

it depends

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A dental assistant in Texas can earn 31,000 dollars a year. The longer they work for a dentist, they can usually make more money.

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900,000 dollars a year. I live in cali and im a dentist and that's what I make. Say something your all peasants.

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The average US dentist earns around 98,000 in his / her first year of practice. After 10 years practicing, they'll earn 122,000 +.