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How much money does a laundromat owner make?

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Earnings of a Laundromat OwnerI was looking for the answer myself and do not own a laundromat myself but, my research shows that an average laundromat which would cost you roughly $150,000 makes a profit of between 25 and 40 thousand dollars annually. Of course you would have to subtract the payments on the loan that you take out to pay for it. But after the loan is paid, I think you can expect to make about 25 to 40 grand and you actually only have to do about 15 hours of work per week if you want it that way.

My uncle owns 4 laundry mats in the town i live in. It is a very small town. I am positive he makes more then 25 to 40 grand anually. If you want to build a new one you could save thousands in the long run if you knew how to do electrian work and Plumbing. I am not sure his exact figure but I can give you an idea how good a life you will have if it is a successful laundry mat business. He lives on the lake in a over 1million $ house. He drives a Yukon just because he doesnt give a crap about cars. My cousin which is hes daughter drives a new 2007 BMW. Recently he bought a brand new mastercraft x30 paid in cash on the spot. So if you had a successful one you could make alooot of money.

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