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They make ten cents to two dollars an album....they make more of ringtones which is probably the reason why hip hop is becoming a circus with more dances than a Britney Spears video

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Q: How much money does a music artist make from each CD sale?
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How much money does a music artist make while on tour?

Over a million

How much money does a music artist make?

a music artist makes about 8.9 billion to 13.9 billion in one year for selling albums and records. that sucks.

Why do music artist record songs that never get released?

for personal pride and lack of ambition to make money off their love of music

How much money does artist make?

how much does a artist make a year

Can listening to the same music artist songs make you crazy?

no, but sometimes people listening to the same music artist songs make you crazy.

Do music artists make more money playing concerts or with CD sales?

Bands certainly make more money from concerts. Most major label contracts only pay a small fraction of each CD, and there are many reductions taken from the artist's royalties. So unless your CD sells millions of units, you're not going to make much. For live performances, however, the artist keeps most of the money. Basically this can be extended to the debate about pirating digital music: it's not going to kill the artist, it's only killing the record companies.

Why is it illegal to download music from the internet?

Because when you download it without paying, the artist doesn't get money. You make money when you sell the songs for people to buy. If you download it, you don't give the artist credit. You can be fined alot of money if caught downloading songs.

Is it better for the artist to buy CD's from a record shop or buy from itune's?

Each artist will have their own contract with their record company so the details will differ for each one but in general it probably will not make a lot of difference where the music is purchased from as the artist will receive a royalty payment for each purchase.

How much do artist make when they record a single?

Nothing, it is the sales of the single that make the money not the act of recording. If the single is rubbish then nobody will purchase it and the artist will make no money.

Does the music artist have to make their own beat?

Not all the time

Where do MySpace music artists get their layouts?

Make them themselves. Which means they have the people work for them create them. Each artist needs a unique look after all!

Do you need to have money to make music?

No, you can have your own hands to make music. You can make music out of anything but having money would help to buy more things to make different kinds of music.

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