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How much money does a navy seal make a year?

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Navy seals make about 200,000 a year but thats only if your a high rank and if you have been there a long time.

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How much does a navy seal make?

a beginning navy SEAL makes around $52,320

How much does a navy seal make a year?

A lot!

How much money does a navy seal sniper make?

People in the Navy are paid for their rank not according to their job title. A trained SEAL sniper with a rank of E-5 would be paid about $45,000 to $50,000 per year.

How much does a higher ranked navy seal make?

Atleast more than 100,000$ a year.

What does a navy seal make?

Terrorists bleed.

How much does a navy seal pilot get paid?

There are no active Navy SEAL pilots except for those who left the SEALs and joined separate army or navy programs.

How much money do navy seal snipers get?

Military pay is determined by rank, time in grade, MOS, and years served.

What is safer navy seal sniper or navy seal infantry man?

Some people think that a Navy Seal Sniper is safer than Navy Seal Infantry. Some people think that Navy Seal Infantry is safer than a Navy Seal Sniper.

Are Navy SEAL officers away from home as much as enlisted Navy SEALs?

For a full Navy Seal pay chart visit -

How much does a seal officer make?

SEAL Team members make the same money that all other Navy Officers make. They may get some additional money for being jump qualified. The officer pay scale is based on their rank and their time in service. Look for the Officer level area in the Pay Scale charts which can be found on their recruiting site.

Which is better A Marine or a Navy Seal?

Navy SEAL by far.

Should you be a navy Seal or Detective?

Navy SEAL. If you can take it.

Navy SEAL or Marine?


How To Make a Navy seal Cry?

Tell him that one of his brothers died.

How much do Navy SEAL officers get deployed?

Navy SEAL officers can get deployed for as long as 8 to 10 months out of the year, not counting the times that they will be gone for training also.

How long is navy SEAL training?

Navy Seal training lasts about nine months.

Who would win a death fight a marine vs navy seal?

Navy Seal.

How much do Navy SEAL instructors get paid?

All Navy personnel are paid based on their rank and their time in service. The standard military pay chart applies. There are instances where they will get hazard pay, for instance, staying parachute qualified.

How much does a navy seal get paid a month?

It depends on your rank, look up Navy pay scales in google.

List of US Navy SEAL enlisted rates?

The US Navy SEALS use pretty much all of the Navy ratings. There are no special ratings for that unit.

What is a navy S0?

Special Operater. Navy SEAL.

Is there a navy seal?

Um, yes, Navy SEALs exist. Haha uh yes they in fact do exist, my dad is a former navy seal

Does Navy SEAL colonels go on missions?

There are no Colonel's in the US Navy, therefore there are no Colonel's in the SEAL teams.

What does the thirteen stars stand for on top of the eagle on the navy seal?

There are no stars on the Navy Seal breast insignia.

Can a Navy SEAL become a sniper then an officer if he has an education?

A Navy SEAL can become a sniper, then an officer if he has an education.