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Anywhere from $14-$30 depending on where you go.

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How much money does an LVN earn in a year?

an lvn gets paid 77,ooo-87,ooo a year.

How much money does an LVN earn in Texas doing dialysis?

How much will a LVN make as a dialysis nurse in San Antonio, Tx

Is it better to be a dental assistant or a LPN?

You have much more opportunity as a LVN/PN and make much better money. hope i helped u

What is the difference between LPN and LVN?

what is the difference between the LPN and LVN There is no difference. They have the same education and the same qualifications. LPN's are only reffered to as LVN's in California or Texas

How much does an lvn make per hour in California?

It depends on what area you start in. Acute care probably pays the lowest. I work acute care as an LVN at 15/hr in CA. Home health agencies or SNF pay the most. You usually max out at about 21/hr.

What comes first RN or LVN?


How much does a lvn nurse make in Texas?

In the state of Texas, the average annual salary for an LVN is $50,120. This is higher than the national average, which is $44,000.

Where might I find an LVN program in my area?

This website can help you locate an LVN program in your area:

How much does a rn and a lvn get paid?

How much do LVN's expect tp get paid? In TX, in MO, in CO...

How much do cns LPNs lvns RNA aprons earn?

The average salary for a CNA is $24,000 per year. The average salary for a LPN/LVN is about $36,000 per year and the average salary for an RN is $67,930 per year.

How much is the average cost for LVN training?

The average cost for LVN training is about $50,000. Some univerisities charge more because they offer more comprehensive training and guarantee employment after graduation.

Where can I get LVN training?

A good source of information on LVN training is or These two sites provide answers to all types of questions that involve LVN training.

What LVN nursing jobs are available in Dallas?

There are multiple LVN nursing jobs to be found in Dallas. Some of them include (but are not limited to( medical transcription, diagnostic medical sonography, interior design, associate in applied sciences, certificate programs and much much more.

What is a good objective for lvn nurse resume?

Seeking a LVN position with a company that offers growth potential

What is my LVN salary going to be?

The average salary for an LVN will vary from state to state as well as depending on your experience. I have found that the average wage in the United States for an LVN is approximately $47,000 per year.

What is the abbreviation for living?


What do the medical abbreviations LPN and LVN mean?

LPN is licensed practical nurse and LVN is licensed vocational nurse.

Where exactly can an LVN work?

LVN or Licensed Vocational Nurse can care for sick, injured, disabled or convalescent patients under the direction of a physician or a registered nurse. A person can become an LVN after a year of training.

How long does it take to become an LVN in California?

well there are some programs to become an LVN in 1 year but it all really depends on you. If you are the kind of person that likes to finish their studies fast i suggest you look into those programs but you have to know that you have to put a lot of work into it and not let anything distract you.

Are there any schools that offer online LVN training?

Yes, DeVry University is one of those that offer online LVN training. University of Phenoix also offer online LVN training THere are several online LVN and LPN programs available. I would suggest comparing these programs at

Whats the difference between lvn nurse and LPN?

There is no difference whatsoever. They are only called LVN's in California and Texas. All other states, they are referred to as LPN's.

How much does an lvn make in kaiser permanente hospital?

anywhere between $18-30+ depends on work experience

Importance of LVN nursing?

Licensed Practical Nurse or LPN, California and Texas are the only two states that refer to the certification as Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN). Other than the title difference, both certifications are essentially the same, and just show how all nursing certifications can possibly vary as they are controlled at the state level.

What is the difference between IV certification and Phlebotomy certification which is better for an LVN?

A Phlebotomy certification is mostly better due to the wider range that you can complete for a LVN.

How many years of school does a lvn have to attend?


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