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On the Launch Day alone, Halo Reach made $200 Million.


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halo reach is made by bungie and they got $600

I don't know how much it made, but it passed Halo 3's total.

Halo 2 made over $100 million

Halo Reach approximately cost $59.99

No, Halo Reach occurs much before Halo 4. In the timeline of the actual world, the games go: Halo Wars Halo: Reach Halo Combat Evolved (And Anniversary) Halo 2 Halo 3 Halo 3 ODST (Same time as Halo 3) Halo 4

Dude did you hit your head, there is no halo reach for wii.

You always get credits in halo reach until you reach inheritor, you only get banned if you get said credits illegally...

Halo Reach will be at the "low" price of 59.99. However other versions such as the legendary edition, will be 149.99! If your not a Halo collector, go for the 59.99 one.

Four billion, eight hundred and fifty thousand, two hundred and eight dollars.

Halo Reach will cost like any other normal consol game, $60.00.

Well, you can't tackle in halo reach pretty much you just assasinate an elite and that is the only type of "tackle" i know of.

Halo: Reach grossed $200 million on its launch day, setting a new record for the franchise.

there is Halo 3: ODST(formerly known as recon) and Halo Reach, the game that bungie decided to make after thinking halo 3 really shouldn't be the final game to follow the series so halo reach is pretty much halo 4 :D

no you can not but there isn't that much really

Don't do it you will get $15.00 back

Google it. Its much easier

In halo reach there is some small moderations. The Rifle is slighty more accurate and has a new visual upgrade. But the assault rifle in Halo 3 is much better becuase it has more ammo (the rifle in reach only has 32 and the rifle in halo 3 has 60) and is the original version.

I would say halo reach because of its multiplayer experience is much better than 3 although i did enjoy halo 3's campain and custom games but i would go for reach and would recommend you buy the guide book if you get it its extrememly helpful

well in Halo Reach, nothing much. players have too much armour for them to be killed with a leg shot.

Halo 4's graphics are very good, but not the same as the graphics in Halo Reach. In my opinion, the graphics in Halo 4 are better, but they aren't much different.

I sure hope there will be but from what I've heard Bungie isn't saying much about that

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