Video Game Companies

Gambling establishments are officially known as gaming companies. These companies cater to persons who like to wager. They are usually regulated by a gaming control board who oversee their operations. Caesar’s Palace and Baccarat Casino are examples of gaming companies.

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Video Game Companies

List of the top 10 game publishers?

This is how the top 15 was in January 2010:


ea (electronic arts)

activision blizzard



namco bandai




Nintendo software


warner bros interactive

Disney interactive


MTV games

Video Game Companies

How much money did halo reach make?

Four billion, eight hundred and fifty thousand, two hundred and eight dollars.

Video Game Companies

Where is Game Freak Inc located in America?

If you are asking about the company that made pokemon, then the answer is that they aren't located in the US. They are located in Japan.

Game Consoles and Gaming Hardware
Video Game Companies

How long has SQUARE ENIX been making games?

They have been making games for just over 9 years, Square Enix was formed on April 1, 2003, a merger between two companies, Square and Enix.

Final Fantasy
Kingdom Hearts
Video Game Companies

What does Square Enix make?

Square Enix makes popular games, such as Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Hitman, and many more. They also make manga (Japanese-version comic books) and anime (Japanese-version cartoons).

Square Enix's game division also owns Eidos Interactive, which retains partial autonomy, which was responsible for the Hitman, Deus Ex, Just Cause, and Tomb Raider series among others.

Game Consoles and Gaming Hardware
Fighting Games
Video Game Companies

How do you high 5 scientists in jet pack joyride?

Just run into them. They automatically high five you if that is a current challenge

Salary and Pay Rates
Video Game Companies

How much money does a video game designer earn in a year?

You can become a billionaire if your designs turn out too be a success. True, but the average staff designer gets paid a flat salary by many companies. This is False you can not become a Billionaire because they buy your company for much less before the game is a success. This pay then ranges from experience and rank. For example, my friend is a recent grad from a california university and is employed by blizzard. His compensation ranges from about 47 annual plus bonuses. He has no experience and is assigned to a team. Project leads can make upwards of 120 plus bonus. High profile developers who have worked on big projects like Everquest Warcraft or half life will often receive above average pay because the company is buying their knowledge they gained working on a competitors leading product. Check salary websites elite glass door for more company specific information.

blackice: a game designer can make from $50 to $5million depends on what job you do in the making like designing or programming if you program and make an entire game by your self (ya it seems impossible but isn't) you can make millions.

The above statement does not have anything that is true about it. Owners of gaming companies are not individuals and games take hundreds, but normally thousands of Man hours to develop before they even reach a testing process. The Big Platforms will not even allow you to design a game for there console unless they first provide a licence. It seems that a game designer would make money because the games do, but the designer has only a small part in everything needed to bring a product to market.

Even if you do so you have to sell the game so it can be marketed

on the other hand you can work for a company and some people get paid around $50/hr. and some get paid like 100 grand after the game is done again it depends on where you work and how you work on it. I hope this helped.

A company like Treyarch has over 300 employees and it takes them 2 years to design a new game. That is not something a single individual can do. They were purchased by Activision before the first game was released. Pipe dreams of designing a game and becoming a billionaire are just that. The company becomes public before the game is released and the publishers and distributors also make a profit. Even Activision Publisher of the Call of Duty series is also owned by a french company. In order to sell a huge number of games they need to be advertised produced distributed and not just developed. The game development can not even start before licences from Nintendo Sony and Microsoft have been granted allowing you the right to develop a game for there product. Game designers never get millions, those people have other titles than game designers.

Video Game Companies

When was Atari bought out by Apple?

It wasn't. Atari was sold bye its original owners at Warner Communications. its logo and was finally bought by a French company and is know today as "Atari"

Video Game Companies

What company has blue paw as logo with DU on it?


Role-Playing Games RPGs
Video Game Companies

How do you save the goddess in mabinogi g2?

You can't. That was in g1.

Collectible Card Games
Video Game Companies

Does Mystical Space Typhoon negate the activation and effect of Spell and Trap cards?

Mystical Space Typhoon does not actually "negate" a Spell or Trap Card. You can chain any Spell or Trap Card activation with Mystical Space Typhoon, destroying it. The destruction of the card does not negate its effects.

However, depending on the type of Spell or Trap card, it can prevent its effect from taking place. Continuous, Equip, and Field Spell Cards are the only Spell cards that will have their effects stopped if they are chained with Mystical Space Typhoon. The same rulings apply to Continuous Trap Cards. As long as you chain to the activation of the Spell or Trap Card with Mystical Space Typhoon and target it, when the chain resolves the Spell or Trap Card's effect will disappear.

For example, if your opponent activates the Equip Spell Card Premature Burial and you chain with Mystical Space Typhoon, when the Chain resolves, Premature Burial will be destroyed and the effect will not resolve.

Normal and Quick-Play Spells, and Normal Traps will carry out their effects regardless if they are destroyed. If you chain your opponent's Mirror Force or Monster Reborn activation, when the chain resolves, the card will be destroyed, but the effect will still resolve.

These rulings apply to any other cards that have similar effects to Mystical Space Typhoon, such as Dust Tornado and Twister.

Video Game Companies

How long does it take Bethesda Softworks to respond to bugs?

It takes them anywhere between 1 day to 3 days.

Video Game Companies

How does Burn Fireblaze's special move work?

In the TV show it combusts with a fire that is apparently so hot that it can burn through metal. In real life I would assume there would be some king of storage pocket in the top and the tip would cause a spark to ignite it.

Nintendo Wii
Video Game Companies
Pokepark Wii

What is Metagross's password for PokePark Wii?

there is no password. you have to get all the bonuses on bastiodon atraction.

Video Game Companies
Sonic the Hedgehog

How do you submit ideas for Sonic games to Sega?

Apparently SEGA used to listen to fans for their games, but have recently stopped due to the games being made receiving bad reviews. So at the moment I don't think you can.

Video Game Companies
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

Does mw3 have split screen online?

I think so.

Game Consoles and Gaming Hardware
Video Game Companies

What is eb games email?

they dont have an email so you will have to find out probaly by ringing them.


Game Consoles and Gaming Hardware
Video Game Companies

How do you suggest a video game to video game companies?

first you go to the website you want to suggest second its said email or suggest then you click on it.

Video Game Companies
Friend Codes

What is someone's friend code for 3ds mine is313667803262.?

mine is 1676 4638 6720

Video Game Companies
Blizzard Entertainment

How many branches does blizzard entertainment have?

Blizzard Entertainment has A lot of branches I am not sure exactly if this is what you want but Blizzard Entertainment is All Around the world and is Very popular especially there High powered MMOPRG #1 Game World Of Warcraft!

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Video Game Companies

How long does psn maintenance usually last for?

Normally an hour or two, but when Sony was hacked it took 3 weeks to get back up.

Call of Duty
Video Game Companies
Infinity Ward (company)

Why did infinity ward get sued?

There are two lawsuits West and Zampella vs. Activision and Infinity Ward Employee Group v. Activision and they are both against Activision not Infinity Wad. Both involve the former Infinity wanting more of the money shared for the profits from Call of Duty Modern Warfare see related link

Video Game Companies

How do you get an avatar on the ONM website?

go to the forum and click profile. scroll down and follow the easy steps of copying a URL from the picture you would like

Video Game Companies
Dragon City

What is the activation code for Dragon City hack tool?


Cheat Codes
Video Game Companies

What is the actavaion code for stmath?

I forgot my schools activation code that's why I was asking


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