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yes I would like to know the price of the quarter

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A 1776-1976 no proof quarter dollar worth in 2012

Assuming the quarter actually says 1776-1976, then it's a common bicentennial quarter and is worth 25 cents.

These are common coins and are worth only 25 cents.

BICENTENNIAL, not "bicentenial" QUARTER, not "quater" 1776-1976, not just "1776" And only worth 25 cents. Billions were minted and many were saved as keepsakes.

If it says 1776-1976 on it, then it's a bicentennial quarter, and it's still worth 25 cents.

It's only a quarter, just spend it.

Assuming the coin says 1776-1976, it's worth 25 cents.

So many were made it's only worth a quarter

The bicentennial quarter is extremely common, and is still worth 25 cents.

Okay! No silver quarter for 1776.

A 1604 Quarter is worthless. The United States did not exist until 1776.

I suspect the coin says 1776-1976, in which case it's worth 25 cents.

The bicentennial quarter is worth 25 cents. This question is asked at least once per week.

The date on it should read 1776-1976. It's a common U.S. bicentennial quarter, still worth 25 cents.

No US quarters bearing the date of 1776 were struck. If you have a coin that is a quarter of some other currency, please post a new question including the country that the coin is from. If the date reads 1776-1976 and has a portrait of George Washington, then it's a common bicentennial quarter worth 25 cents.

The US never struck a half quarter. A half quarter would be worth 12.5 cents.

Please check those dates. Your coin should say 1776-1976, meaning it's a Bicentennial quarter.

If it says 1776-1976, then it's worth exactly 25 cents.

The bicentennial quarter is extremely common, still worth 25 cents.

It isn't worth anything but its face value. They are not really rare or collectible. tell me what the valueof it .1776

There were a few hundred million of them minted, and it's still worth 25 cents.

There are no 1776 quarters.

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