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About minimum wage, which is near or below the poverty line. Minimum wage. * If one is speaking strictly in terms of traditional employment then the amount would be the legal minimum wage. However, many people have worked their way up from the very bottom of a company to being managers and other such positions. Although it is preferable to obtain as much education as possible, what really determines a person's future is their work ethic, their character, common sense and a genuine desire to succeed.

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Q: How much money would someone without a high school diploma make?
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How much money does someone with a high school diploma make?

Well, I think it's the college diploma that really matters. Hmm not so much the high school one but I am not sure. Probably not as much with a college diploma. :)

How much money would someone make with a high school diploma?

how the hell am i supposed to know? im still in high school!!!

How much money do people without a high school diploma make per year on average?


Do high school graduates make more than drop outs?

yes they usually make more money than someone with no high school diploma

How much money would a person without a high school diploma make?

In the United States, in general jobs that do not require a high school diploma or GED pay minimum wage, between $7.25 and $8.00 an hour.

Can you get your high school diploma online without having to be in school?

Have a look at the side for GED... it´s equal to the high school diploma and you don´t need to go to school. GED or high school diplomas are not offered online Any online schools are not accredited and a waste of money

How mush money do you make when you drop out?

Without a high school diploma you will probably not make much better than minimum wage.

Can a high school diploma be withheld from a student that owes money to the high school?


to stay in the reserves do you have to have a high school diploma to go active duty do you have to have a high school diploma?

No, you definitely do not need a high school diploma to stay on active duty. You might need one for the reserves if you are going to get money for college.

Where can I get my online diploma?

An online diploma is received if you are attending an online high school. An online high school unlike a public high school costs money. An online high school diploma is like a GED which in some areas provide free service.

Do you need a high school diploma to be an artist?

No. But it may be useful to have a high school diploma in case you need to earn money before fame and fortune arrive.

What is the average amount of money can you make with a high school diploma?

about $25,900/year.your welcome.................................-genius

Is a 17 year old breaking the law by not attending school?

It is not legal to quit school at 17 you have to be 18. At 17 you are so close, keep going. You'll make more money with a high school diploma that without one. Even more if you go to a college or trade school.

Why is a high school diploma is importent?

Because without it you can't make any money beyond working at McDonald's. We are paid for what we know. Looks to me like you need to start paying attention in school RIGHT NOW. IMPORTENT IS SPELLED IMPORTANT.

What is the equivalent of a grade 12 certificate?

the only answer is go to school and get your G.E.D you wont get as much money as you would with a high school diploma but it will get you some where

Does finishing high school has no connection to how much money you can earn?

You will make more than a million dollars more in your lifetime if you have a high school diploma.

Can I make a decent salary coming out of career college as opposed to a four year college?

It depends on what you went to school for and where you are looking to get a job. You can make good money without going to school as well. I have a diploma and I work at a factory making forty thousand a year.

How much more money can you make with a bachelor's degree than with a high school diploma?

At least 25k more each year

What is stealing money?

Stealing money is taking someone else's money without permission and it is a well known crime.

Can you work in a hospital without schooling?

The more schooling you have, the more you will be paid. You have to have atleast your High School diploma to get a job. I would get a college degree and pay it off with the money you make, because you will make alot more with a Degree in Medicine and Health.

Do you need to have more than a high school diploma to become a US Marine?

No, Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force all require a High School Diploma or GED. Through these Military Branches you can earn money for college, and further education. hooah Army Strong

Do dental assistants with only a high school diploma and no prior training make as much money as those who complete dental assisting programs?


What college accept universal Christian academy high school diploma?

They are a scam! Don't listen to the lies they tell you no one accepts this fake diploma. Please anyone who did this program answer me back. So we can bring them down and get the money back. The have to go down for what they are doing I just paid this school if there is anyway to get my money back please let me know how we can bring them down

If someone owes you money can you take it from their credit card without their authorisation?


What should you say if someone asks you to a school dance but they were paid money to do it?

"No, thank you."