Best Answer says about 2 - 3%

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Q: How much of a company's budget should be used for training?
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How Much does a Diesel Technician Make?

alot depending on where they work and their skill and or training level, also weigh in the companys benefits

How much training should basketball players should do?

as much as u can

How much should I budget for a flight booking campaign ?

Your budget should be based on your business goals and the competitiveness of your target market. It's advisable to start with a reasonable budget and adjust as you gain insights from your campaign's performance.

How much percent of the company staff cost should be invested in education and training?

You do not start by allocating money and then figuring out how much training you can buy with that money. You start by figuring out what kind of skills and information the staff need to have, then you figure out how to obtain that training within the limits of your budget. Some businesses need to do more training than others, so it really depends what line of work you are in. There are some companies in which everybody is already fully trained and the staff doesn't require any more training. In such a case it would be silly to say, well, we planned to spend 30% of our human resource budget on training so you have got to study something. In other companies, training is needed desperately. So give people the training that they need. The question is always what do people need to learn, not how much money do we want to spend.

How much does a gas bill cost?

As much as you use, but the gas company should have a budget plan

How much a gas bill cost?

As much as you use, but the gas company should have a budget plan

where can I find a vehicle loan calculator to help me stay in budget to purchase a new vehicle?

You should get a calculator out and divide your budget by however much you have so you can work out how much you should spend on you new car and how good it is.

How much should your budget go to the wedding planner?

Not everyone goes to wedding planners. If you have a low budget, you could do the wedding yourself.

How much should I expect to spend for phlebotomy training?

You can expect to pay about $850 for phlebotomy training

How much time does it take to train employees on how to use a computer?

Its impossible to actually respond to this accurately as there are a huge range of commercial and bespoke computer packages available to companys'. Times vary vastly on training required.

How much money should you get for dog training?

The answer depends on the type of training. Obedience classes are usually around $100 but private training is much more. It also depends on where you are located.

How much should you budget for kawaii?

no offence but you need more info like your how much money you make in your question.