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How much of a scar will a rejected naval piercing leave?

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βˆ™ 2006-07-29 11:37:55

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I have two rejected naval piercings from an industrial-length bar that i had through the top and bottom of my naval. At first, the scarring was pretty gross and obvious but after a few months it went down significantly. The only scarring leftover now after 6 months can be felt if you pinch the skin where the holes are.

2006-07-29 11:37:55
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Q: How much of a scar will a rejected naval piercing leave?
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How much does a naval piercing at selfridges cost?

Phone them and ask.

What do you need to get a naval piercing at the age of fifteen at Dr Jacks in Omaha Nebraska?

Parental consent, and the cost for however much the piercing is.

Can a silver nose piercing be rejected by one's body?

it can be rejected but it isn't likely to happen. if you clean it regularly it shouldn't be rejected by any means. i don't know that much about silver and rejection. try using steel. :)

How much does a naval piercing costs?

$45-$100. It really depends on where you get it done and if you get a ring or barbell and if you get a colored jewel on the barbell or not etc

Caring for naval piercing?

A new body piercing should be cleaned regularly. It should be kept dry, and you should avoid playing with it too much. You can buy piercing cleaner in stores, or you can use first aid alcohol. To clean a naval piercing, you should use one of the options above. A good brand is H2Ocean piercing cleanser. If the naval is infected, there are many steps to take. Soak with warm water on a cloth until it is not hot anymore. Use hydrogen peroxide to drain the infections, but you should not use it often becuase it will freeze the cells and complicate the healing process.

What are you suppose todo if your belly piercing becomes irrirated?

Clean it and leave it alone, chances are good you are messing around and touching it way too much. Clean the piercing and leave it alone and try to forget about it till you have to clean it again. If the piercing is itchy then chances are good you are reacting to your cleaning products and to resolve this you need to flush the piercing under running water while moving the jewellery then dry the piercing and the itching should stop.

How much does it cost to get your naval pierced in nc?

I got mine done at Hotwire in Wilmington. It was only 40 dollars. That included the piercing, the ring, and the aftercare stuff.

How can to tell when your naval piercing is infected?

It will be red, swollen, or have discharge. Try not to mess with it too much. A wet hot washcloth set on the piercing then allowed to cool will help. Also wash with a mild disinfectant soap. If it doesn't get better on its own, go see your piercer.

How much does back piercing cost?

You're piercing your back?

How much would a naval piercing cost?

depends where you live and the shops around you. for instance where i live they go from $20-100. it also depends on what kind like a hoop or stud etc

How much does a cheek piercing cost?

Check with your local piercing parlor?

How much does a piercing cost at Claire's?

I believe the piercing itself is free

What should you get your cartilage pierced with?

It is much safer to get a cartilage piercing with a needle. A piercing gun can cause scaring and lumps once the piercing has healed. These things are much less common if the piercing was done with a needle.

How much does one piercing cost?

It depends on where you want the piercing and or which shop you get it pierced in :)

How much is piercing lobes at piercing pagoda?

3 or 4 dollars the piercing itself, but with jewelry, it's about 20 dollars.

Can you get your rook re pierced after it was rejected?

It's not common for a properly done Rook piercing to reject. Due to this piercing being done in deep cartilage, the piercing should not reject (the cartilage won't let it reject). More often that not the problem is the method used to look after the piercing or the solutions used to heal the piercing (generally too much and not properly rinsed out). I would suggest you seek the expert advice of your local professional body piercer. They would need to see what you have going on with the piercing location. If there is enough tissue that isn't damaged they should be able to repierce the area.

How much does it cost for nose piercing at ardene s in chatem?

You need to be aware that nostril piercing in not to be done with a piercing gun, under most health regulations piercing guns are not to be used on anything other than ear lobes. Using a piercing to piercer other locations of the body can lead to infections due to cross contamination, and other more serious health concerns. Leave body piercing to licensed professional body piercing facility where they are cleared to pierce your nostril using single use needles and bio compatible jewellery.

How much does a ear piercing cost?

It depends on where you go. Normally, in a mall, they ask for you to just buy the piercing studs and the "piercing" is free.

How much does a jacob's ladder piercing cost?

around 70dollars each piercing where i live

How much is a nasal septum piercing?

Depends on the piercing place. Usually between $35-$60.

How much a belly button piercing cost?

In the UK a bellч button piercing is 25 pound.

How much does a belly button piercing cost in Oklahoma?

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Do you have to wait a certain amount of time between getting a naval piercing and getting a tattoo?

I would give yourself a day break between to two just so you dont tax yourself too much unless you are getting and simple piercing and a little tattoo, then it's up to the studio and what they think you can handle in one sitting.

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The price varies from 18.00 to 40.00 it really depends on what piercing place you go to!!!!!!!!!!

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