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How much of the brain is water?

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a little bit less than 30% of the brain is water

<3 hope this helps you if u are into meds like me

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How much water is the brain made out of?

The brain is made out of 80% water.

Who much percent average water in human brain?

If you mean "How much percentage of water does a human brain have?", the answer is about 77-78%.

How much water does the brain have?

70 %

Can water make your brain cells to grow?

Yes water can make your brain cells grow, but too much water will make your brain cells burst.

How much of the human brain is water?

It is currently believed that the brain is made up of 77-78% water.

How much water dose the human brain consist of?

The Human Brain Consists of 80% water x

How much water is in you're brain?

your brain is 85% water but the amount in milimeteres or litres depends on the person

How much water your brain contains?

Not sure but 80% of it is water.

How much can a human brain carry?

about as much as a gallon of water

How much water in the brain?

Approximately 90% :)

How much percent of your brain is water?

About 80%

How much percentage of your brain is water?


How much percentage of water is our brain made of?

About 80%

How much percent of water is your brain?

it is 80% not 90%

Can drinking too much water cause a problem for the body?

Drinking "too much" water CAN cause a serious health problem. Overdrinking water can lead to hyponatremia by diluting the sodium (salt) in your body. When this occurs, the brain takes on water in its cells and causes swelling in the brain, which is much like swelling in the brain from trauma-caused swelling of the brain. It can actually kill the person to whom it happens.

How much water does your brain need?

so that it can function properly. your brain is 85% water and if you dont drink lots of water then you will not think straight and you wont function properly

Why brain cells swell when the blood plasma is very dilute?

Osmosis is the movement of water from a High Water (Dilute Solution) to a Low Water (Strong Solution). If blood plasma becomes very dilute with water, when it travels to the brain the brain cells will swell because the are taking on too much water. This happens because the high concentration of water (in the blood) is moving to the lower concentration of water (brain cells) making the cells swell as they are taking on too much water.

What percent of your brain is water?

80 percent of your brain is water. :)

Water in the brain?

The brain is composed of 70 percent water,

Is the brain half full of water?

The brain is 80% water

How does water affect the brain?

water does not effect your brain it is healthy for you

What percent of the brain is made of water?

75% of the brain is water

How much percentage of the body is water?

60 % of the human dody is water; the brain is 70%, the lungs are 90%, and blood is 75% water

Can water effect youre brain?

water can effect your brain by thinking because the brain needs plenty of water to think.

Why does the brain need water?

Like the rest of your body, your brain is mainly composed of water. Water is therefore essential for brain function.