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70 percent

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Q: How much of the earth's surface has been covered by water?
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What percent of earths surface has been altered by humans?


What percent of the earths surface has been altered by humans?


What are solid particle that have been deposited on earths surface called?

Sediments is pieces of solid material that have been deposited on Earth's surface. The sediments have been deposited by wind, water, ice, gravity, or chemical precipitation.

How did salt water get invented?

Salt water is NOT invented, it has been there for ages and everywhere: two-third of the world's surface is covered by oceans full of salty water.

True or false most of the outer surface of the earth's crust has never been seen by humans?

True. Most of the earth is covered with water; hence most of the crust underneath all that water is unreachable. It hasn't been explored. We don't yet have technology advanced enough.

The answer is flood what is a question for that answer?

what is the word for when a land has been covered with water?

Why is most of Earth's surface is covered by oceans?

Although we are not completely certain about the origin of water on Earth, it seems that there have been a lot of comet impacts, much earlier in the Earth's history, and those comets brought our planet lots of water, which now covers most of the surface of the Earth.

What layer of the earths ground is turf?

The surface layer of ground is turf. It is a layer of earth that is covered with grass. Turf is very noticeable because it's the only thing that one sees when one looks at the ground, unless there has been some digging.

Whether you could see it or not how much of the Earths surface is always lit?

Ask dominick Bass he knows. Been

What is a piece of stone or metal from outer space that falls to earths surface?

this has clearly been stated as a meteorite :P

How do intrusive igneous rocks become visible in the surface of earth?

intrusive rocks become visable onthe earths surface because it may have been weathred.

What is a water break free surface?

has to do with alkaline dip tanks.. Water break free surface is a 10 second retention of water on a surface that has been cleaned and rinsed of its alkaline.

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