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How much of your brain do you use?

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Scientists have speculated anywhere to 10-14%, although the amount will vary depending on the individual.

It should be emphasised this is merely speculation and not based on any numerical evidence. It is a guesstimate based on the observations that some people seem to think more efficiently than others.

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How much brain do you use?

About 10% of your brain ---------------------------------- Actually you use just about all of your brain

How much do you use your brain?

You use your brain for 100% of your life. When your brain stops functioning, so do you.

Your brain brain use how much of your bodys energy?


How much percentage did newton used his brain?

Isaac Newton use his brain to its maximum level he use his brain to 110 %

How much of our brain do you use?

We use approximatley 12% of our brain, if used 100% we could have superpowers

How much of our brains do we use?

we use over half of your brain

How much of the brain does a human use?


How much brain does a human use?

a normal human uses about 10% of there brain everyday

How much of your brain do you use in a lifetime?

The myth of "You Only Use 10% of Your Brain" is not true and comes from a miss heard quote from Albert Einstein. In actual fact we use 100% of our brain

How much of the brain is used at once?

Humans do use their entire brains. It is an old myth that we can only use 10 % of our brain.

How much electrical power does your brain use?

Your brain uses as much power as a ten watt battery. -Helen Brosnan

How much brain albert einstine use?

about 10%

How much of your body's oxygen does the brain use?


How much of oxygen does your brain use?


How much of the brain do you use?

The brain may seen huge and useful, yet we only use a portion of our brains. Some people are very smart, and may use more parts of their brain.

How much more of your brain capacity do you use if fluent in sign language?

There is no such thing as "brain capacity"

How much brainpower do humans use?

humans use 10% of there brain power

How much percent does your brain use when you read?

100%. Its a myth that we only use 10%. If we only used 10% we would be brain dead.

How much electrical current does the brain use?

It has 5 watts.

How much energy does the human brain use?

appox 20 %

How much percent did newton use his brain?

100% everyone does.

How much percent of brain do the scientists use?

Same as you, 100%.

How much percent did albert Einstein of his brain use?


How much percentage of brain did newton use?


How come lawers make so much?

They use their BRAIN not their back !