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How much oil for rover75 cdt diesel?

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6.8 litres (with new filter)

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not much. it would change the viscosity of the oil. the diesel oil is much thicker than regular engine oil.

how much engine oil do you put in a Renault kangoo 1.9 diesel

oil that is not refined as much as gas

diesel is a fuel that has oil in it

"Diesel oil" or "Heavy oil" is another term for diesel fuel. Not to be confused with "engine oil for a diesel engine" which means lubricating oil specially formulated for use in diesel rather than petrol engines.

About 9.21 gallons of diesel is refined from each 42-gallon barrel of crude oil.

You may have a bad injector/s leaking diesel past your pistons and mixing with your crank case oil...... pull the dipstick and "sniff" it.... you will smell the diesel.

It's 9 gallons per barrel of oil.

About 9.21 gallons of diesel fuel are refined from each 42-gallon barrel of crude oil.

Diesel just like gasoline and kerosene are a refinement of crude oil. Diesel is known as 'diesel oil' or 'heavy oil' and is the heaviest distillate of crude oil. Petrol is a spirit and is the lightest distillate.

if its a diesel 2.3 then its 5.5 lts

No #4 diesel fuel oil is for oil burners and will not ignite in a diesel egine

Diesel fuel is often referred to as "diesel oil" or "heavy oil". Do not confuse this with "engine oil for a diesel engine" which means "lubricating oil specially formulated for use in diesel engines". My first Ford Fiesta diesel's tax disc said - "Fuel - Heavy Oil". They've now realised that this term is anachronistic, and my latest tax disc reads "Fuel - Diesel". To be pedantic - Diesel fuel is an oil - Petrol is a spirit.

The color of synthetic diesel oil is red.

I am not sure what you are asking but putting oil for diesel engines in a gasoline engine with some oil in it would not be good, or vise versa

a ford 7.3 powerstroke diesel uses 15 quarts of oil with a filter change.

13 qts. with new filter

Question is not answerable, it is much to vague. Engine oil Lubricating qualities of Diesel fuel Changes in above

15w40 diesel rated conventional or 5w40 diesel rated synthetic oil

Diesel is refined oil. Oil is made of Carbon (C). So, diesel is a refined form of Carbon.

It depends how much petrol was put in. If it was a "full tank" draining the tank and the system would be advisable. If it was just a small amount, the mixture can be cut by adding more diesel with some motor oil mixed into it It is a common practice in times of diesel shortages to use motor oil with a small amount of gasoline added to it in place of diesel. You will have to use your own judgment as to how much diesel and/or oil to add.

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