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it all depends on the girl adb it doesent hoe old they are for example a 14 year girl can handle a 7 inch penis and a 30 year old woman can it all depends on the girl


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It depends on wether or not she can handle that much honestly.

some girls get a sex change which gives them a penis

I hate a hairy penis . So yeah , girls do like shaved penis .

No girls don't have a penis...

A curved penis can satisfy a woman as much as any other penis. As long as you can get it in, and can do your thing, then you can satisfy her. Girls are more satisfied by how you use your penis than the length or straightness of it.

Having a nine inch penis shouldn't impress most girls. The size of your brain and your manners will impress a girl much more.

Well to start unless your born with a penis you cant get one. And girls do have puberty.

Girls don't think of penises much - only guys think about penises all the time.

You may be confused. Girls do not have a penis.

Girls don't have penises. Girls have a rudimentary organ called the clitoris which is the congruent-equivalent of the male penis although structurally it falls way short of a functional penis.

Girls do not have a penis, they have a vagina.

yes they can handle it cause it is not that big

Check between the legs. Girls do not have a penis.

boys have a penis and girls do not

Most girls don't have a penis.

Girls do not have a penis, so they do not get erections

Disgusting Question but..! Girls mostly like huge penis and large sized ones.

Most girls who talk about her boyfriend's penis to her friends do so because they either are proud of it or are curious about the penis in some way.

The whole thing. Basically if your girl let you.

You enter the penis into the vagina

nothing you have to put it in their vagina

Any Size is good for the girls

Girls don't have penises. Girls and boys are different that way.

Yes, a small penis can take a girls virginaty.... But boys., AIM to pop the cherry lol/

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