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A small fish bowl should be fine for one betta fish.

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Q: How much room does a betta fish need?
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What temperature water does a betta fish need?

Room temp.

Does aquarium need to be heated?

most of the time but with betta fish no they can live at room tepature

Do betta fish like the coldness?

Betta fish like room temperature- not cold and not hot.

Do betta fish need a light?

Betta fish do not require a specific light over top their tank or bowl, and are fine with ambient room lighting. However, to see your fish's colors fully you will need a light.

Why do betta fish need more room to grow?

Because, if they are in a small cage the Betta will stop growing. But, the organs will keep growing and the fish will die a long and painful death.

What fish can you put in a 1-gallon bowl besides a betta?

Nothing. The smallest size that's OK for a fish is 5 gallons and that's only for a betta. Any other fish need much more room. In a one gallon, you can put plants and some snails, but not much more.

Does a betta fish like cold water?

you should put your betta fish in warm or room temp. water. it might be risky to put your betta in cold water!!!!

How can you tell if a betta fish is sleep?

Betta fish sleep on the bottom of the tank. I've never seen one close its eyes but they will often rest on the bottom when there is no action going on around them. Betta like to be around movement. That is why we have my betta fish in our living room.

Can you take your betta fish to school?

i have before. and i just kept them in a class room

What size tank does a Siamese fighting fish have to be in?

i have a half gallon bowl for my betta fish and he has plenty of room

How cold is water with a betta fish in it if it is just sitting at room temperature no heaters or anything?

Room temperature.

Betta fish in a regular old fish bowl you put a plant in the bowl your question is what type of plant is this and is it a plant that is safe for your Betta I have a pic but the link won't post?

Betta fish need filtered and oxygenated tanks just like other freshwater fish. Pet stores that tell you that Betta fish don't need much room or filtered tanks are either ill-informed or just plain unethical. Too much current flow isn't healthy since Bettas like slow moving water. If you are putting a plant inside a tank with your Betta (and not keeping the Betta in a vase with a plant growing out of the top and the roots growing into the Betta's space), any freshwater fish-friendly plant is good. Just make sure that it is soft so it doesn't damage the Betta's delicate and beautiful fins. Don't put a Betta in a vase with or without a plant growing above it. Also, don't keep them in tight containers or small cups. This practice is cruel and inhumane!

How much room does a violet goby fish need?

Depends on how big it is.

1 gallon tank what type of fish can you put in it?

A 1 gallon tank could have one betta fish, but you will need to be diligent about changing the water on a regular basis. The smallest tank that should be used, even for a betta, is a 2.5 gallon tank as it at least gives the fish swimming room.

How do Betta fish use the bath room?

Beta fish just go to the bathroom like we do just in their thank or bowl.

What fish live long in a fish bowl?

None. All fish need proper filtration and room Only some need large tanks and filters, The betta can live in a classic bowl. In a place where this is moderate light and they dont keed filters but require room temputer and regular cleening. xD

Why is your betta fish is lazy?

Bettas will seem "lazy" when their bored or don't have enough room in the aquarium.

What water temperature should a betta fish have?

Room temperature. Always keep the temperature the same

Do you need to use a light to warm the fish bowl for Betta fish?

I don't think you need to warm up their bowl. As long as the bowl is room temperature, you might need to put him in front of a window. But with a little bit of shade, you wouldn't want to fry your fish!:0)

How do you tell if my betta fish is suffering?

Well betta fish cannot be in tap water. It's like poison to them. They have to have treated water. I found out my betta was suffering when he wouldn't eat anything. Betta like to be out in the open so they can see movement and action. The living room is a good place.

Can a betta fish live in 3 quarters of a gallon fish bowl?

Yes, but this is very cruel. All fish need room to swim and to grow and although people have successfully kept bettas in tiny containers, this doesn't mean it is right. Also, bettas are anabantoids, which means they need to breath air, so they need a decent amount of surface where they can go to breathe. if you want a betta, go for at least a 2 gallon tank - the fish will be much happier, more active and more colourful.

Why is the male betta fish not fighting the other male betta fish?

beta fish are very territorial if there is plenty of room for both of them in a tank they will just leave each other alone and another reason is that they haven't had to compete for food

Can a freshwater crab live in a bowl with a betta fish?

Maybe, but seeing as how there's so little room, the betta might fight with the crab, or worse! The crab might try to eat your betta! Be careful!

How long do you have to age water for Betta fish?

I have been informed by a pet store employee, that room temperature is fine as long as the room isn't cold(as in no heat). I have a Betta and he is thriving very nicely under that advice.

What kind of fish can be put with the betta fish?

If your tank is large enough, some types of fish can live with a betta, but not another male or female betta because they will fight with a male and kill a female. If your betta seems aggressive when you add fish, then he will need to live alone, so don't try too many at once. Also, some other types of fish will attack a betta's fins: other long-finned fish, most barbs, and some tetras will not live peacefully with them. Also, aggressive fish will harm and probably kill them and fast moving fish will make them nervous. Goldfish are also not good companions for any tropical fish, especially one that needs such warm water. So, if you have enough room, the best companions for a betta are smaller livebearers, such as guppies and platys.