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As ur height is 5'5 max to max your weight should be 65-70.the ideal weight is equal to the height of the person in inches.And ur height in inches is 12 multiplied by 5 plus 5 equals to 65.

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You should weigh approx. 165 pds, If not even more

Well I'm 15 weigh 165 and bench 200 but I workout alot.

if you where a guy 165 lb and if you where a girl 130 lb

A 6 ft tall man should weigh from 165 pounds to 184 pounds according to health associations.

about 75-100 pound if you are the right hight

What you should weigh when you are 18 years old and stand about 165 cm tall depends upon your gender. At this age and height a female should weigh between 102 and 149.7 lbs. while a male should weigh between 106 and 149.1 lbs.

A male that is 5'8 should weigh about 157 pounds. If the male is in the Army, they should weigh 165 pounds if they are between 17 and 20 years old.

Most males should weigh anywhere between 130-180. But you are young and are very tall. You should weigh about anywhere between 165-200 depending on your frame.

I say between 165 and 170

123 pounds to 165 pounds

it depends on your heightbut most 14 year old girls are about 158 - 165 cm tall so there ideal weight should be around 50 - 55 kg!hope my answer helped

Leonardo DiCaprio Height is 6'1" and 160-165 lbs weigh ;)

Shaun White weighs 165 pounds.

Allen Iverson weighs 165 Pounds.

about 165 - 175 he's about 5' 11

Ray masterio is 165 lb (75kg)

Bundy's normal weight was about 165 lbs.

Rebel Wilson 5'3 and 165 pounds.

On the surface of the Earth if you used a bathroom scale you would weigh 165 pounds and would have a mass of 165 pounds. In space (orbiting the Earth on the space station) you would be in free fall and therefore your bathroom scales would weigh you at 0 pounds. However, your mass would still be 165 pounds.

i am sixteen years old and i can bench press 250 lbs. i weigh 165 lbs. Im 18, i weigh 223.4lbs, and i can bench press 315lbs, i can squat 400lbs, and i deadlift 450lbs.

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