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How much should a 10-year-old girl weigh in pounds?

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It totally depends on the height, and bone structure. If the girl is normal and close to 5', then she should probably weigh in the 90's. If she is lower and closer to 4', then she should weigh somewhere from the 70's to the 80's.

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a 5th grade girl should weigh about 85 to 95 pounds

they should weigh about 42 pounds.

They should weigh around 70 pounds.

120 pounds a 14 years old girl should weigh. It can't pass to 120.

you should weigh about 65-80 pounds

A 9 year old girl should weigh about 65-80 pounds

the lowest a 14 year old girl should weigh is 123 pounds her target weigh should be 143 pounds the highest should be 164 pounds

a HEALTHY girl that age should probably weigh about 110 pounds at least.

they should weigh about 75 to 85 pounds

I think she should weigh 500-1000 pounds

A 56'' girl should weigh between 80-100 pounds

She shoul weigh 79-95 pounds.

135 pounds to 160 pounds.

Should weigh from about 115-120 pounds

she should at least weigh about 75 pounds

a 9 -10 year old girl should weigh 60-71 pounds

It all depends on how tall the 3rd grade girl is. If they are 4 feet 10 inches tall, they should weigh between 91 pounds and 115 pounds.

This type of girl should weigh around 90 pounds because it is the perfect description of me! (not that I do weigh 90 pounds)

She should only weigh about 1-3 more pounds than when she was born so for an 3 month average baby girl, she should weigh about 9-15 pounds.

A girl who is 4'7'' should weight between 90 and 100 pounds.

It is probably easier to ask how much should a girl of X height weigh.

a girl of that5 height and weigh should way about 7stone 4 pounds

Then you're REALLY old! You should weigh 100 -150 pounds.