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a irl that 12 and 5'2 should weigh 141 pounds

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It depends on your height, but a 5'3" girl should weigh about anywhere around there is ok.

It is probably easier to ask how much should a girl of X height weigh.

a girl of that5 height and weigh should way about 7stone 4 pounds

You should weigh 100-175 lbs depending on your height. I am 4'8" and weigh 161.6lbs and my doctor says I am a perfect weight for my height and age.

It all depends on height. A girl that is about 5'4" should weigh about 115 on average. However, someone taller should weigh more and someone shorter should weigh less.

How much an athletic 5 ft 10 in girl should weigh will depend on her age, among other things. A 15 year old girl of that height should weigh between 113.6 lbs and 167.3 lbs.

how much a 4.2 height child weigh

Weight is worked out on height not age.

how much you should weigh depends on your height not your age.

a 13 year old girl should weigh 115 pounds

A 14 year old girl should weight 48 kg but it matter how much is your height !

You need to post your height, age doesn't matter.

to find the answer you MUST state the height , gender and AGE ...

That depends on her height and build. There are also racial factors involved.

The weight of a 16-year-old girl depends on her height and build.

a girl who's 5'6''should be between 117lbs to 143lbs to maintain a healthy weight to height ratio.

you should probably weigh 70-80 pounds it depens on your height i am exactly like you i weigh 56 cause im to skinny. you DON'T wanna be like me.

How much should a 52 yr old man weigh height is 6'1

A 10 year old girl that's 4'11 should weigh about 85-95 pounds

Its not good to weigh that much at your age . If you are nine years old and are average height you should weigh about 90-100 pounds. But your weight will depend on your shape, and how physically active you are.

depends on her height. at 5'5 130 pounds is the average weight.

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