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Q: How much should a sheltie collie eat?
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How much food should a collie eat?

A collie should eat between two and three cups of food per day. This should be divided into two meals. The dog should be fed in the morning, and again in the late afternoon.

How much should a 3 year old border collie eat a day?

a fair bit its a growing lad

What does a collie eat?

Dog Food, and dog treats

How much should you feed your 14 week border collie puppy?

As much as your puppy wants to eat. If a puppy has enough play time and stimulation they can eat as much as they like. I never had a creedy dog and i put it down to giving it as much food as it likes and i never had a overweight dog. Same with people; eat as much as you like as long as you excersice enough!

How much food should a 9 week old border collie puppy eat a day?

A 9 month old Border Collie puppy should have about a half a cup of food a day. So, you could either put a forth of a cup in the morning and night, or a half cup once a day. It doesn't really matter.

Why does your collie eat muck?

Collie as in dog breed? There probably isn't a reason... Maybe your nod feeding your dog enough?

How much dry food should a 50lb dog eat?

they should eat how much they eat in a 30 min. time period

How much food should an 11 year old girl eat?

A child of this age should eat as much as a cat...just joking they should eat pretty much as much as an adult but not that much a litttle less

Should you eat before running?

You can eat but not to much.

How portoins of fish should you eat?

you should eat as much as u like

How much aloe should you eat and how often should you eat it for heartburn?


Q: How much food should I eat for dinner?

You should eat what is enough.

How much more should you eat when pregnant?

There is no set amount that a woman should eat when she is pregnant. She should eat healthy and eat when she is hungry.

How much vitamins should you eat per day?

you should eat as much as you can but don't get too fat either

What kind of food do a bearded collie eat?

The eat regular dog food but also love people food!

How much seafood should a turtle eat?

a turtle should eat as much seafood as a turtle can but not so much seafood that the turtle is sick

How much should a painted turtle eat?

as much as he or she can eat i 3 to 4 minutes

How much should a camel eat?

they should eat about nine(9) pounds per day.

How much sugar should you eat on a diet?

You should eat none. You do not need added sugar.

How much should a person eat sweets?

not rarely you should eat sweets once a day

How much should goldfish eat?

A goldfish should eat as much flakes or pellets as it can in 2 to 3 minutes twice a day.

What are the factor to be consider on how much food should you eat?

Well, the factor that determines how much food you should eat is when you sit down to eat a plate of food you should stop when you feel you are full. However, if you eat too fast and too much you will regret it!!

How much food should you eat a day?

As Much As You Want!

How much fat should you eat a year?

as much as u can

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not that much