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Depends on where it is leaking, and gaining access to the line. Shouldn't cost much more than about $200.00, including the parts, and bleeding the brake system.

If one is leaking and you replace it you'll be back in the shop (or in a ditch) in a month. Somehow or another Ford has manufactured those brake lines to all go bad at once. They've been perfecting that since 1967...You can probably get all your lines replaced for less than $500. Specify that you want coated or stainless steel lines if you plan to keep the car.

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Q: How much should it cost to repair a leaking brake line on a 1996 Ford Mustang?
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How much does a brake repair cost for a 2004 Ford Mustang?

A brake repair for a 2004 Ford Mustang costs about $1500.

My 2000 KIA Sportage is leaking brake fluid. How do I repair this problem?

Replace the leaking part

How much should it cost to repair a leaking brake line on a 1990 ford econoline?

Depends on what the person is charging in for lol

Brake fluid leaking from front brake?

You have a serious brake problem. For your own safety have the vehicle towed to the garage of your choice for repair.

How do you fix a leak in the brake line at the rear drum of a 1999 Honda crv?

There is no safe way to repair a broken or leaking brake line. The line or tubing that is leaking must be replaced or a new piece of tube, spliced into the line with fittings, to replace the leaking area.

How do you replace a section of brake line which is leaking?

It is important to replace a brake line at the first sign of leaking. A brake line is a fairly simple repair, first you must remove the old line using two wrenches on the hex bolts. Then you screw the new brake line in place using the wrenches and replace fluid.

What kind of brake fluid should you use in a 1996 ford mustang?

D O T ( 3 ) brake fluid

Chevy Venture brake line leaking?

When a brake line is leaking on the Chevy Venture the brake line should be replaced as soon as possible. A leak, however small, can cause hydraulic fluid to escape the brake line which will cause a loss in brake pressure. The brakes should be bled of air after the new line is put in to remove gaps in brake pedal pressure.

How do you repair a leaking brake line?

You must remove it, fit a new one and then bleed the brakes to remove the air in the new line.

Is there a brake team that can fix brakes?

There are several sources that offer brake repair service by a brake team, you should choose one that offer the least stress on you as they do the repair. Two names come to mind and they are Mienke Brake Repair Service and GMC Brake Service and their work is excellent.

Why is brake fluid leaking from the back drum and no visible line leak 1994 caravan?

brake fluid leaking from a brake drum indicates the brake slave cylander on that wheel is leaking and needs to be replaced you will not see the actual leak with out removing the brake drum

Where would brake fluid be leaking from behind the front wheel on a Toyota Camry?

Seal in brake caliper is leaking and needs replacement Flexible brake line to the caliper is leaking and needs replacement

Where can I get brake caliper repair in Boston?

If you really need your brake calipers repaired and do not know where to go in Boston MA, then you should check out this repair shop in Boston called Fred's Auto Repair.

How much will a brake line repair cost on a 1990 mustang gt?

There may be no specific flat rate time for a repair like that, the cost will vary depending on the labor rate and how much time the technician takes to perform repair.

What parts need to be replaced for a good and thorough brake repair?

To thoroughly replace and repair brakes, one must replace the brake light wiring, brake pads, and brake calipers. Furthermore, one should reline the brakes.

What should you do if your car brakes are not working and the brake pipe is leaking?

Don't drive and take it straight to a garage 'cause it will empty your brake cylinder.

Is changing the brake fluid on a 1999 ford mustang normal or severe?

It should be a normal procedure.

Leaking brake fluid on a 97 Chevy silverado 4x4?

where is it leaking from?

What fuse is for the 2005 Ford Mustang rear brake lights?

What fuse is for the 2005 Ford mustang Rear Brake lights?

How much should a brake repair cost for 2003 Audi?

My brake job on my A4- rotors and pads- $473.

What is the Difference between a brake cylinder leak and an axle seal leak?

It all depends on what part is leaking what fluid. Brake cylinder would leak brake fluid. Axle seal would leak gear oil.

What should I know about basic brake repair?

There are eight simple steps you can follow for do it yourself brake repair. They can be found at this web link:

Adjust the parking brake cable on a 2003 Toyota Avalon?

Adjusting a parking brake cable on a 2003 Toyota Avalon is considered a major repair. The repair should not be done by a person with no prior experience because if the repair is done wrong it can be dangerous. A repair book for the vehicle should instruct the process.

Where can I get instructions on how to repair the brake line on my car?

Chilton has a manual on home auto repair. The following website contains information that should assist you with brake line repair: - Similar

What auto repair shop offers the best brake job?

If you are looking for an auto repair shop that offers the best brake job because your son needs the brakes in his car replaced, then you should check out Auto Repair.