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You should weigh 100-120 pounds


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depends on your age......

a HEALTHY girl that age should probably weigh about 110 pounds at least.

The average age of a 5'4 girl should be 11.A girl that's 5"4 should weigh 120lbs to 130lbs depending on their body frame size.

How much an athletic 5 ft 10 in girl should weigh will depend on her age, among other things. A 15 year old girl of that height should weigh between 113.6 lbs and 167.3 lbs.

Determining how much a girl should weigh if she is 5 foot and 9 inches depends on her age and genetics. She could weigh anywhere from 120-170 pounds.

Weight is worked out on height not age.

how much you should weigh depends on your height not your age.

it depends all on how that 10 yr old girl or her parents watch her/his health :)

You need to post your height, age doesn't matter.

If you please provide to me your age, I will be able to relay the information you are requesting.

to find the answer you MUST state the height , gender and AGE ...

a child at the age of twelve should weigh at least 8 and half stone

You should weigh 100-175 lbs depending on your height. I am 4'8" and weigh 161.6lbs and my doctor says I am a perfect weight for my height and age.

Its not good to weigh that much at your age . If you are nine years old and are average height you should weigh about 90-100 pounds. But your weight will depend on your shape, and how physically active you are.

Normally at that age a girl should weigh around 90-100 pounds. I say you should be in between 95-105. But anything between 85-115 is still ok.

that is too small for a girl that age. take her to a doctor immediatly

Are you a boy or girl and what is your age?

you could weigh from 80 to 100

It depends on your age & your height.

It varies. There's no one certain weight a girl that age (or any age, for that matter) should weigh. Talk to your doctor if you're concerned about your weight.

Im 13 and 5'1 and my mom says im not overweight but i am. I weigh about 135-140 and my mom says im just tall. So for your age. You should probably weigh about as much as me

A eleven year old girl of that age should weigh around 45-55 kg. Depends on the girls diet and how much exercise they get, but that is the standard average weight of an eleven year old girl.

I think the normal weight for a girl that is 57 inches (I am exactly 57 inches tall) should weigh about 100 pounds. It also depends on your age. I am eleven, turning twelve in October. But if you're thirteen or older, maybe you should weigh a little more.

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