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How much sodium in one teaspoon salt?

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One level U.S. teaspoonful of granulated evaporated salt

contains approximately 6,200 mg sodium chloride, or approximately

2,400 mg sodium. The density of granulated evaporated salt varies

depending on crystal size, structure, gradation, and degree of

compaction. The reported range of densities is 1,200-1,300 g/L.

Michaels (1991)[i] uses 1,300-1,315 g/L for Hygrade and Fine salt

from Sifto's Goderich evap plant. Niman (1979)[ii], and Bandy

(1989)[iii] use 1,250 g/L for granulated evaporated salt (loose

bulk density = 800 cc/1,000 g). Niman (1979) gives the density of

Alberger as 624 - 750 g/L depending on gradation. Akzo Salt Inc.

(1992)[iv] gives the density of General Purpose granulated

evaporated salt as 77 lbs/ft3 (1,233 g/L), and of Granulated

Iodized as 75 lb/ft3 (1,201 g/L). Akzo Salt Inc. gives densities

for Alberger Natural Flake Salt as 39-60 lb/ft3 (625-960 g/L), and

Tru-Flake Compacted Flake Salt as 59-70 lb/ft3 (945-1,121 g/L)

depending on gradation. The coarse products are generally of lower

density. Assuming evaporated granulated salt with a density of

1,250 g/L and 1 U.S. teaspoon = 4/93 mL (1 metric teaspoon = 5.0

mL): Salt (NaCl): 1,250 g/L = 1,250 mg/mL x 4.93 mL/U.S. tsp. =

6,162 mg/U.S. tsp.

Sodium: 6,162 mg/U.S. tsp. x 0.39337% Na = 2,424 mg/U.S. tsp. A

simple summary is that about six grams of salt makes a level

teaspoonful and just under 2.4 grams is sodium. This is exactly

correct for salt with a density of 1,217 g/L. Based on a salt

density of 1,250 g/L, one level teaspoon contains approximately

6,200 mg NaCl and approximately 2,400 mg sodium.

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