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About 5-6 cups per pound

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Q: How much spaghetti sauce do you need for 12 pounds of pasta?
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How much sauce for 15 pounds of pasta?

about 7 pounds of sauce. about 1/2 lb of sauce per 1 lb pasta

How much pasta sauce do you use when you cook pasta?

It depends on what kind of pasta you're inquiring about but for spaghetti : one fistful of pasta when it's dry will require about 1 cup of sauce.

How much spaghetti sauce for 88 lbs of cooked spaghetti?

the same amount of sauce

How much hamburger is needed to make spaghetti sauce for 100 people?

You will need 25 pounds of hamburger to do that.

How many ounces of sauce on 1 serving of spaghetti?

How much sauce is needed for a typical serving of spaghetti

How much spaghetti sauce do you use for 200 people?

If each person eats about 1/3 of a pound of sauce (this will vary) You would need about 60 pounds of sauce (not including meatballs.)

How much spaghetti to feed 75?

About 14 pounds of noodles, 10 (67 oz) jars of sauce and 6 pounds of meat. Good luck!!

How much spaghetti sauce should you mix with a pound of spaghetti?


How much spaghetti to feed 75 people?

About 14 pounds of noodles, 10 (67 oz) jars of sauce and 6 pounds of meat. Good luck!!

How much does cooked spaghetti weigh?

depends on what type of pasta and how much

How much is spaghetti sauce?

3 to 5 bucks

How much sauce for 1 lb spaghetti?

It isn't really possible to say precisely how much sauce per 1lb pasta because it depends on the type of sauce. A plain, rich, smooth tomato sauce should just coat the pasta; the pasta mustn't be swimming in it. You might allow more per serve if the sauce is chunky or thick. To get a rough idea, 1lb pasta (a bit under 500g) serves four to five people, so to be on the safe side pick any sauce recipe designed to serve six people; leftover sauce can be refrigerated and later added to stews or casseroles, or served on toast.

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