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It depends on how mature the couple are. It's usually mentally healthier to each have some head space and spend some time during the week with friends, hobbies, sports, etc., and she can do the same. It makes a person more independent and not so needy. By doing this it also becomes a trust issue and if one of the two of you should stray to another person then it's best to know now than later.

2006-07-30 09:34:03
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What should you do when your boyfriend wants to remain friends with his ex-girlfriend but you know it is just going to hurt your relationship?

Tell your boyfriend how you feel about it.

What is the meaning of a boyfriend or girlfriend?

The meaning of a boyfriend and girlfriend is when a boy and a girl are going out with each other and have sexual relationship.

Should I have had a girlfriend at 16?

Of course, if you desire. It is ok to have a girlfriend at any age, but when you turn 16, new opportunities open in a relationship. It is up to you how you wish to take it. As long as you are comfortable with how you are going, everything is ok.

Does prodigy off of mindless behavior have a girlfriend?

No he likes keke Palmer and he said it and she is way to old for him so I doubt there is going to a relationship going on between them but he does not have a girlfriend yet

Will your girlfriend going into the army ruin your relationship?

No, she is going to the Army to fight for her country.

What should you do if you think your girlfriend is going too slow in the relationship?

Everyone has a certain pace that they prefer to progress in a relationship. Your girlfriend may not want to rush into anything, and it is your job not to force her into anything that she is not comfortable doing. If it is still a big concern for you, talk to her about it first, but do not push anything if she is not ready to move forward in the relationship yet.

Your girlfriend and you seem to have little in common you have few intelligent conversations The Lovey-dovey stuff is basically over should you stay in this relationship?

No you should not stay in this relationship because it's not going anywhere. But you should break up with them like this "I dont think this relationship is going anywhere...I think we should just stay friends." And ACTUALLY stay friends. But dont get any closer than that. Good luck!

If the boy you like has a girl friend what should you do?

Talk him if you really like him and see if his relationship with his girlfriend is going well because if not, you could be the next girl on his shoulder!!!

Does he like you if he has a girlfriend?

The fact that he has a girlfriend should make you stay away from him. Why would you put yourself in that situation. If a relationship does develope between you two and he left his current girlfriend for you, you would be paranoid the whole time that he was going to leave you for someone else. Long answer short. Yes

Should you confront your girlfriend about the text you found telling she kissed another guy when going through her phone?

Yes you should confront your girlfriend, she will most likely react annoyed as you went through her phone without permission. This could result in the termination (end) of the relationship.

What is a teenage relationship?

Where to teens are going with each other like boyfriend and girlfriend or vice versa

Can 10 year old boys have girlfriend?

Yes, ten year olds can have girlfriends. Its not like its going to be a real relationship, where you hangout everyday. Its going to be a see you everyday at school relationship.

What should you do if your attracted to a guy who already has a girlfriend but you cheated on your boyfriend with him?

Uhm well, dump the one you dont like and keep going on with the other relationship as if the other never happen(:

You like a girl but already have a girlfriend?

Do not go out with the girl you like. That's cheating! If you are in a relationship and like someone else then you should really take time, be single and sort out you feelings as it is not fair to your current girlfriend or yourself. Don't jump into another relationship either. If you want to stay with your current girlfriend you are going to have to let go of the thought concerning this other girl and also distance yourself from her - be loyal to your girlfriend.

How do you keep the relationship going?

To keep you're relationship going, you have to agree on things and understand the person you have a relationship with. Whether it's you're best friend or your boy friend or girlfriend, you have to understand them. Oh, and don't forget to care for them, too!

What do you do when your girlfriend wants to slow down emotionally?

sometimes it may mean that she is not sure about your relationship, sometimes that you guys are going to fast in your relationship and sometimes it may mean that the relationship is not going in the direction that she wants. The safe thing to go is ask her

Your girlfriend is going to be at this party and your ex will to what should you do?

find some place better to be and try and take your girlfriend with you

Why does your girlfriend keep going hot and cold but tells you she loves you?

She's undecided if she want's to stay in a relationship.

When you dream husband's ex girlfriend going back to him?

how i see it is when you dream that your husbands ex girlfriend is going back with him is that you have relationship problems in this point in your life that you need to take care of if not already taken care of

What should I do when I know my girlfriend is cheating on me as well as the other boys. I want to teach her a good lesson.?

If she is cheating on you, she is not really your girlfriend. Do not try and teach her a lesson, it belittles you. Your relationship with her is not going anywhere, simply drop her and look for a new girlfriend. Do not say why you are doing this , simply say she is not the girl for you and it is over.

How should i tell my girlfriend i don't approve of her going to a party?


Is kissing another person called cheating if your in a relationship?

it depends are you going out with the person you kissed.if you are then you are cheating on your boyfriend/girlfriend.

At what age should a boy have a girlfriend?

It should be at age 13 or 14. Their going to get one anyway.

What does it mean when a guy hooks up with an ex-girlfriend?

The words 'hook up' mean there is a relationship going on between the man and his ex girlfriend. However, this may not be the case at all and they may have remained friends or bumped into each other and there is nothing else going on.

What does it mean if you dream that you're going out with your friends girlfriend?

When we dream, most often our subconcious thoughts and feelings are displayed via symbolism. You may not have any feelings for your friends girlfriend. It could be that you are jealous of their relationship and would like to find a girlfriend yourself and put her face as the image of what a girlfriend should be. Oftentimes what we think about during the day or talk about can filter into our dreams, just like outside noises can also infiltrate our dreams, such as an alarm clock going off or other such things. I would put your dreams as nothing more than you wanting a girlfriend or relationship yourself and put your friend's girlfriend in place of what you are looking for. That doesn't mean you want your friend's girlfriend.