How much time was there between Jesus and Isaiah?

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Isaiah lived from about 740 to 680 BC; that is about 60 years; and Jesus was born in the year 0 and started his ministry about 30 years later.
So between Isaiah's death and Jesus birth, there was 680 years, but between the time of their ministries, there was about 730 years.
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How much time between Adam and the birth of Jesus?

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How many times does Isaiah refer to Jesus?

Answer Strictly speaking, the Book of Isaiah never refers to Jesus. It was written long before the time of Jesus, about events current at that time. However, there is a trick

When did Isaiah prophecy the coming of Jesus?

Answer Isaiah never did prophesy the coming of Jesus. The author of Matthew's Gospel made use of a mistranslation of Isaiah 7:14 in the Septuagint, which says that a virgin w

Is Jesus named in Book of Isaiah?

Jesus is never mentioned in the Book of Isaiah by name nor in any way that could unambiguously identify him. Matthew's Gospel refers to Isaiah, verse 7:14, saying that a virg

Did Isaiah describe the ministry of Jesus?

No, Isaiah actually said in verse 1:1 that he was writing concerning what he saw during the reigns of Kings Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz and Hezekiah. You can't get much clearer than

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Isaiah was a Jewish prophet, the son of Amoz, who lived in Jerusalem during the reigns of Kings Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz and Hezekiah. In Isaiah 1:1, he says that he was writing c

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Suffice it to say that there are dozens of references or direct quotes from Isaiah and of all the Books of the Old Testament, Isaiah is 2nd only to the Psalms. More important

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One thought: It is believed by many that the flood took place around 2370 BCE and that Job lived around 700 years AFTER the flood, making it 1670 BCE. Jesus was most likely
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A: As Isaiah lived long before the time of Jesus, he knew nothing about Jesus and so we can learn nothing from the Book of Isaiah about Jesus. An example where Isaiah is
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A: Jesus is mentioned not even once in the Book of Isaiah. His name does not occur in the entire book, and there is not even an indirect reference that unambiguously refers