How much to replace a hood on a 1997 Oldsmobile Silhouette including part and labor?

Whenever one is replacing parts on a vehicle or anything really there are many different factors involved.
A) Do you want a new or used part? --New parts of course are going to be more and sometimes in the part is rare or hard to find it is going to be pricey. An used part is often much cheaper and can be gotten from a junkyard with no kind of warranty or refurbishments for pretty cheap. A refurbished items usually come with a warranty and will be priced somewhere between a new and junkyard price. Ordering online vs. a local company can effect price to.

B) Where are you located? Labor rates vary state from state, city to city, and company to company. Check around for reviews from customers that have had similar work done at your local body shops to see what quality of work you can get for cost you pay.

C) What type of material do you want that is available to you? Metal, carbon fiber, fiberglass? This will effect the cost as well.

See if you can purchase the item yourself and have a body shop install it, some will allow you to bring your own others will want to order through there suppliers. If you can get the item from somewhere like then you may come out pretty good.

I took the time to google the your item, I didn't list any specifics, just 97 Oldsmobile Silhouette hood, and got prices from $100.xx to $300xx. Just look around see what works for you and make sure to do your research before making a decision. Good Luck!