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How much to ship a car from the UK to New York?


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U mean how much would it cost to ship a car to New York, man u need to work on your typing skills

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yes. you can on a car transporter.

Hopefully it's obvious that you cannot actually get from England to New York by car because the Atlantic Ocean is in the way. You could put the car on a ship, and ship it to New York, but that's kind of a different thing.

The cost of shipping a car from New York to Hawaii is generally upwards of 1500 US dollars. The shipping cost may increase according to the size of the vehicle. It normally takes 3 to 4 weeks for a vehicle to reach Hawaii from New York.

Plane, train, bus, ship, car or by hiking.

You should contact a moving company in New York and ask them how much it would cost. It depends on the weight of the car and the time frame in which you need it moved.

how much will it cost to ship a car from greece to uk

Unless you plan on putting the vehicle on a ship, it can't be done.

it all depends on the service you want.

it cost about $1000 to ship a car from Miami to ny in an enclosed trailer and around $600 on a truck. So figure a little less than that.

how much does it cost to ship a car from UK to mauritius...,mazda6 2.0 litre turbo diesel

It's actually a little more like 150 miles from Albany to New York City.

Yes, a license to drive a car in New York IS required.

Not exclusively by car. You could transport a car there by ship or aircraft.

you need to go to the BMV to get your car registered for NYC. Bring your title!!

No, she is not dead but alive. The news of her car accident was fake. She never had a car accident in New York.

Cheap car rental in New York can be found online, where one can compare prices and decide which is the chaepest. Some of the cheap car rentals in New York are: Prestige Car Rental, AAM Car, and Dollar Rent a Car.

Bluebird Compartment Car - New York City Subway car - was created in 1939.

There are most certainly car rental companies in New York! Major car rental companies like Hertz and Avis and other smaller ones such as Action Car Rentals all have branches throughout New York City.

One can find cheap car deals in New York from the following sources: Major World, New York Auto Giant, Car Buyers, Enterprise Car Sales, Edmunds, to name a few.

the car is mercedes e220 to send from dublin to albania durres bay ship

How much it costs to ship a car from North Carolina to Hawaii depends on the shipper that you use. There would be a minimum charge of $1,500 or more to ship to Hawaii.

New York is one of the highest cities with the highest car insurance rates. This is because it is very expensive to live in New York, especially in New York city therefore rates for car insurance are very high.

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