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The 1974 models were 145 hp with a 2 bbl. and 165 with a 4 bbl. Pretty sure the '76 models were about the same. Not sure about the torque rating. New answer;

On a 2 bbl. The advertised Torque is 250 ft. LBS @ 2200 RPM.

On a 4 bbl. ................................... is 260 ft. LBS @ 2400 RPM

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What were the horsepower and torque ratings for a 1976 454 Chevy truck engine?

245 h.p. and 385 lb/ft torque.

How much torque and horsepower does a 1976 350 have out of a Chevy El Camino SS?

210 hp and 255 lb·ft torque.

What is the true horsepower of a 1976 Chevy k10 with a 350cid?

Advertised horsepower for that engine is: 145 Horsepower @ 3,800 RPMs.

What is the horsepower of a 1976 Chevy 350?

145 if it has a 2 barrel, 165 with the 4 barrel.

How much horsepower does a stock 1976 small block Chevy 400 come with?

Advertised horsepower is: 175 HP @ 3600 RPMs.

What is the horse power of a 1976 Chevy truck 454?


What is the hp of a 76 Lincoln continetal?

I believe the 460 cubic inch V8 in a 1976 Lincoln Continental is rated at : ( 202 horsepower at 3800 RPM and 352 ft / lbs torque at 1600 RPM )

What are torque specs for 1976 Chevy 350 4 bolt main crankshaft caps?

70 ft. Lbs.

What is the hp and torque of 1976 454 truck motor?

Advertised Horsepower is--245 HP @ 3800 RPMs. Torque is-365 FT. LBS. @ 2800 RPMs. The Heavy Duty 454 has--240 HP @ 3800 RPMs. Torque is--370 FT. LBS. @ 2800 RPMs.

How much horsepower is in 1976 c10 454?

1976 c10s did not come with 454s

What is the horsepower for a 1976 Oldsmobile 455 engine?

190 hp

What is the hp of 1976 454cu in Chevy engine?

Advertised horsepower is-- 245 hp @ 3800RPMS.The heavy duty 454 is--- 240 HP @ 3800 RPMS.In Calif. It is 250 HP @ 3800 RPMS.

Does 1976 half ton Chevy truck need to have a catalytic converter?

does a 1976 3/4 ton chevy truck have to have converters on it

How Much horse power did the 1976 Chevrolet k-10 pick up truck with the 454 engine come with?

Advertised HORSEPOWER is--245 HP @ 3800 RPMs. Advertiseed torque is--- 365FT. LBS @ 2800 RPMs.

What year did Chevy Chase leave Saturday Night Live?


How much horsepower does a 1976 Chevy Nova have?

It depends, i have one and mine is a 250cu inline straigh 6 cyl. and according to my cars manual, it sais it should have 105hp, i also read that the Chevy 350 that came with 76 nova was rated at 250hp if i recall well. Hope this helps!

What is the Horsepower rating 1976 ford truck 390 engine?

It is a 410 horsepower engine but ford rated it at 315 hp for insurance reasons!

What kind of transmission is in your 1976 dodge D100?

torque flight 727

What is the stock horsepower of a 1976 400 dodge big block?

211 hp

Is the camaro ss 1976 fast?

Chevy never made a Camaro SS in 1976...

What are the torque specs for the main caps on a 1976 Pontiac 400?

The main bolt torque is 100lftlbs and 120 on the rear main cap.

Does a 350 1976 Chevy motor bolt to a 1991 Chevy auto trans?

Yes it will.

How much oil does a 1976 Chevy 350 hold?

1976 Chevy 350 engine should take 5 qts engine oil with filter change.

How much horsepower does a 1985 gmc truck v8 5.0L have?

From 1976 to 1992, the GM 5.0L held 215 horsepower. from 1993 to 1998 when the 5.0L was cut from the market they were running 230 horsepower stock.

What is the correct way to torque 1994 heads on a 1976 283ci Chevy block?

Start in the center and work your way clockwise in a circular pattern toward the ends. Not that it matters, but they stopped building 283's around 1968.