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try 1/4 lb per person

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Q: How much turkey roast does it take to feed 60 people?
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How much turkey and ham for 30 people?

30 pounds of turkey should be needed to feed 30 people. There should be at least 1 pound of turkey for each adult.

How much does a 12lb turkey breast feed?

Well if you bought it from the store then it should say on the package how many people it will feed.

How much will a turkey crown for 10 to 14 people weigh?

One pound of turkey should be cooked for each person eating. A turkey that will feed 10-14 people should weigh around 10-14 people.

How long do i cook a jennie-o turkey roast?

Cooking smoked turkey breast is much faster and much simpler than cooking a fresh turkey. Just follow the cooking instructions on the Jennie-O packaging.

Do you cook the ribeye roast first or the turkey?

I've never done both on the same day, but if it were me, I would do the rib roast first, let it rest, then refrigerate it, then do the turkey. I would then pull the rib roast out of the fridge about an hour before the turkey is done so the interior of the roast can come up near the exterior temperature of the meat. After finishing the turkey, I would tent it, and leave it to rest, and then I would pop the rib roast back in the oven, on a much lower temperature than it originally cooked in, to slowly warm the meat back up to a nice warm temperature. Doing the reverse, and reheating the turkey, that might be asking for trouble. It would be all too easy to overcook or dry out the turkey, whereas with the beef, you can slightly undercook it the first round, and then bring it up to medium rare or medium (as desired) the second time.

How many people will a 5 pound roast serve?

It depends somewhat on what kind of meat you are talking about: beef, pork, turkey, ham . . . and whether the roast is bone-in or bone-out. A 5 lb bone-out beef roast should serve 12 to 14 people, with a serving size between 1/4 lb and 1/2 lb.

How much ham and turkey for 100 people?


Sliced turkey costs 3.20 per pound Roast beef costs twice as much and ground beef costs half as much as the turkey Find the price of 7.5 pounds of ground beef?

$12.00 of 7.5 pounds of ground beef.

How much turkey do you need for 18 people?

According to you will need 27lbs of turkey. Figure one pound a person equals that many pounds a turkey. 18 people = 18 pound turkey

How much should I feed my dog during the winter ( mut )?

ANSWER: 3 pieces of turkey and 3 scoops of dog food!

How may people will a 1.6kg chicken feed?

Hi, Jamie Oliver's website recomends a 1.6KG chicken will feed 4-6.. I guess it depends on how much each person will eat! this is a great recipe.. Don't forget Free range

How much chicken do you need to feed 500 people?

i would say about 100 chickens to feed that many people.