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How much water evaporates from fountain in summer?


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January 14, 2009 9:55PM

It depends on the location. The National Weather Service (NOAA Technical Report NWS 33) has data from all over the U.S. on pan evaporation and free water surface evaporation. The Western Regional Climate Center has data on the Western states. Take the evaporation number for your area in feet and mulltiply by the surface area in square feet to get a volume in cubic feet. Multiplying this number by 7.48 to get the approximate evaporation in gallons. This volume is based on the time period of the data retrieved from the aforementioned sources. Evaporation is dependent on wheter your pond is surrounded by trees, shaded part of the day, operating temperatire, etc. If you are providing make-up water, a conservative worst case scenario should be used to effectively keep the pond, pool, or lake full.