How much wet food for 9 lb cat?

Most people think the canned cat food is higher in calories than the dry cat food, which is incorrect. The dry cat food is far higher in calories. The canned cat food has lots of water in it. Read the labels on both types for moisture content. You need to feed a good name brand cat food, not some cheap generic brand you find in grocery stores.

For the amount to feed your cat is difficult to answer without seeing your cat in person. Is your cat fat or thin? How active is it? Never free feed your cat by keeping food down in front of it all day long. Feed twice a day. Put down only the amount that your cat will clean up in approx. 10-15 minutes. After that time, pick up any left over cat food. You could also mix a little canned food in with the basic dry food. Keep an eye on the cat's weight.