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maybe 15 shots over the course of a night?

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โˆ™ 2008-12-04 06:01:25
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Q: How much whiskey should one drink to blackout?
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What is an alcohol-induced blackout?

When you drink too much alcohol, a figure that varies from person to person, you can lose consciousness- blackout.

Can a person drink so much that they forget what they did while drunk?

Yes - that is commonly referred to as a "blackout."

How much muscle do you lose when you drink?

If you continue to workout and keep protein in your diet, non. As long as you don't drink a pint of whiskey every night, it should not unbalance your diet enough to lose muscle.

How much is a bottle of john Wayne Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey?

what kind of bourbon did john wayne drink

Are you an alcoholic if you drink one or two glasses of whiskey every day?

Um,partly,I don't think so.But you'd better not drink to much everyday.

Is scotch a type of Scottish drink?

First there is whiskey, a distilled alcoholic drink made in Scotland. Pretty much the same stuff, but made in the US, is called scotch.

How much water should a teenager drink after a run?

They should drink as much as their body tells them to. Your body has thirst sensors and they will tell the runner if they need to drink and how much.

Why should you not drink?

it can really be bad for you and can kill you if you drink to much.

How much water should you drink while being pregnant?

As much as you should drink a day anyway. Drink as much water a day as you can, but make certain that you do drink at least 8 glasses a day.

How much prune juice should you drink daily?

You should drink about 2 oz

How much water should you drink when exercising?

You should drink your normal 8 glasses a day, and after that drink a Gatorade type beverage. You can drink too much water and die as a result.

How much milk should you drink everyday?

How much milk you should drink daily depends on your sex and age. It is recommended you drink 3 to 5 glasses a day.

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