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The original is worth like 10 to fifteen dollars and Halo 2 is worth like 30 to 40. This is about the price for a new copy. You may be lucky and catch a copy at Blockbuster for $25 or $20. go to e-bay and enter halo =Answer= i believe they are creating a legendary edition of halo3 that comes with a replica masterchief helmet. $100 dolars

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โˆ™ 2007-03-10 12:57:17
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Q: How much will the upcoming release of Halo 3 cost?
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How much does halo reach cost in US?

Halo Reach approximately cost $59.99

How much does the Halo 3 cost?

Halo 3 is $19.98

How much will halo for PS2 cost?

Halo has not and will never be released for the PS2.

How much will halo wars cost?

they USUALLY cost about 40$.

How much does halo odst cost?

It depends where you are.

How much is halo reach cost?


How much will halo 5 cost?

probably as much as the others...

How much would an xbox elite Halo 3 and halo wars cost?

about $500

How much halo reach cost for ps3?


How much does the halo Awards tickets cost?


How much does halo 1and2and3 cost?

From GameStop: Halo 1 - NEW: $20 Halo 2 - USED: 14.99 Halo 3 - USED: $49.99

How much will Halo Reach cost for a normal edition?

Halo Reach will cost like any other normal consol game, $60.00.

How much will halo wars cost where cheap?

Go to Ebay

How much does Halo 3 odst cost?

$60.00 in the US.

How much will halo 4 special addition cost?


How much is halo?

Well it all depends on which one. For insistence halo 3 cost around $28.00 were as Halo reach cost around $50.00 for the nomal edition and $80.00 for the legendary edition

How much does halo reach cost for wii at game stop?

Dude did you hit your head, there is no halo reach for wii.

How much will halo 3 odst cost in Danvilleva?

60 Dollars.

How much does the halo reach handbook cost?

15 dolars or more

How much does Halo 3 cost in 2011?

20-30 dollars

How much money is halo wars?

Halo Wars will cost $60 at launch for the standard edition, with special editions costing extra.

How much Microsoft points does it cost for halo wars?

You can't buy Halo Wars with Microsoft points.You have to use real money.

How much does everything cost on forge mode for halo 3?

they are different prices...

How much does a used version of halo 3 cost?

it is 12.50 for xbox 360

How much will Halo 3 recon cost?

most likely 60 bucks