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Well they can get sued over $1,000,000,000 cash.

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Will you get caught if you download songs from LimeWire?

no ! i have had limewire 4 6 yrs. n neva got caught !

Is it easy to be caught downloading music For example LimeWire?

Yes because limewire is an illegal site and if you get caught you can get fined $500 dollars.

Is limewire alligle?

Yes, if you get caught using LimeWire you can get in lots of trouble. LimeWire says that it isn't illegal but it's not true. :(

Is it possible to get caught using LimeWire?

Yes. Its very easy to track somebody through limewire.

Is it likely to get caught using LimeWire basic?

no but its possible

How do they catch you if your downloading songs from LimeWire?

Pretty much everyone downloads songs illegally without ever getting caught.

What are the chances of getting caught using Limewire?

If a have a special Guard then you won't get caught, I don't thinks so.

Do pepole get caught using LimeWire?

Yes they do and usually they pay a fine of $1200. So don't get caught.

Can LimeWire sue for copyright infringement when they make music available for students to download?

I don't think it's Limewire that can sue but I think its the artist or record companies who sure. Also I've heard if your at a college that doesn't allow illegal downloading you can get kicked out.

Why do people care if LimeWire is legal?

because they can get in trouble with the police and get fined if they are caught

Is there a large chance of getting caught for using LimeWire?

There is always a chance of getting caught, try covering your backdoor with many wingates.

How can you get caught using LimeWire?

You need to use a program like peer blocker other wise you get caught by you internet service provider

How much laptop memory does LimeWire take up?

dont get limewire i had it and it gave me a virus

Can you watch films on linewire?

No You Cannot Also Limewire is Illegal You can be Prosecuted If Caught Downloading Music

Do people get arrested for using LimeWire?

If people are using LimeWire to download songs illegally, then there is a chance they may get arrested if caught. To stay away from trouble, it is best to purchase music.

If sharing songs on LimeWire is illegal why does iTunes come with a special preset folder for LimeWire tunes?

limewire cannot be illegal, because its sharing music and the people arent making profit off of it. so and anyway. Its not illegal unless you get caught. xD

Is utorrent safer than LimeWire are you more likely to get caught with LimeWire or utorrent?

Depends on what you're looking for. P2P downloads tend to be illegal due to copyright issues; most downloads on Limewire are more likely to be monitored than those from uTorrent.

Will you get caught if you download songs from frostwire?

Yes it is possible to get caught. Frostwire is just like limewire and they can catch you easily. If you do get caught downloading a song like that, the price for each song is very high.

Does downloading LimeWire Basic cost anything?

No, it is free to download the basic. (I know because a teen babysitter helped me dowload basic limewire this last month on my home PC.) No, But it can if you get caught using it. limewire is illegal and you can get in trouble for it. Limewire says it is legal, But it is only legal to them limewire doesnt use any of the files, just lets them go from one place to another (you can also get pro for nothing by downloading PRO off limewire basic ';,.,;'

How much does it cost to download from LimeWire?


How much is a LimeWire downloaded song?


Can you sue a person's homeowner's insurance if your son caught himself on fire under their supervision?

You would usually sue the person, not the insurance.

How do i check how much much memory saved LimeWire?

iwhat are you asking me for?

What can you do that is illegal on sites like LimeWire?

You can't do anything illegal directly on the Limewire website. You would have to download their program, Limewire. This program will let you (among many other things) download copywritten files illegally and share them with other people. If you don't share copywritten files, you can't get caught. And even if you do share, your chances of winning the lottery are better than your chances of getting caught. -DJ Craig

Can you give me some websites to download free music on to your ipod?

on limewire they are free (grace.kong): yes they are free however, it is illegal, and is told to shut down the company so do not use limewire if you dont want to get caught :)

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