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Q: How much will you pay from Victoria Station to Euston station using the underground?
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Which are the Undergrond at Euston Square go to Victoria station where gatwick express starts?

You can't travel directly from Euston Square station to Victoria. If you go to Euston Station - a short walk - it's only four stops on the Victoria line.

Can you get a train from Euston train station to Norwich train station?

No - Norwich trains go to and from Liverpool Street station, you'd need to get on the Underground from Euston Square

Does the heathrow express train go direct to euston station?

No, Paddington - to get to Euston, you need to take the Bakerloo Underground line from Paddington to Oxford Circus, and then take the Victoria line to Euston

How long does it take for this journey Euston station to Victoria station How long in minutes?

About 20

How do you go to Euston station from Leatherhed?

Overground from Leatherhead to Waterloo and underground from Waterloo to Euston.

Is there a tube station at euston mainline?

Yes, all London mainline stations have an underground station as well.